Captain Earth: Episode 03

アルビオンの虹– The rainbow of Albion

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Action-packed fight sequences, exquisitely beautiful music, visually stunning graphics – with this third episode, Captain Earth continues living up to expectations.

This week’s episode of Captain Earth was once again such a treat. The first half of the episode saw a proper introduction of Akari, whom we know as Code Papillon. Quick, sharp and audacious, it was also revealed that she is Nishikubo’s daughter. A genius hacker, she was responsible for a series of large-scale hacking attacks from years back. Her hacking prowess definitely came in handy this episode and I expect that our main characters are going to be relying on this little ray of sunshine as the series as well as the battles progress.

We know from the previous episodes that Teppei clearly is not human. And this episode confirms that not only is he not human, but he is also apparently part of the Kill-T-Gang, better known as Albion to them. This was evident from the delighted surprise when Amara saw Teppei’s Albion, feelings which morphed into frustrated shock when he was stabbed and forced to retreat by Albion.

Taking a step back to the point about Teppei not being human. During that bittersweet scene between him and Daichi, we saw Teppei clearly being rather cautious about his non-human origins. The melancholy in his tone was so tangible that it was really quite heart breaking to hear him ask the question (“does it creep you out?”). It is evident that this character is troubled and burdened, but it has also made him just all the more interesting, because even more questions revolving Teppei have surfaced after this episode. Just what is his purpose? What happened to him before and why is he on Earth now? There is so much room for development and I hope, I hope very much, that the writers do justice to such a fascinating character.

So back to this week’s story. The Kill-T-Gang launches yet another attack on Earth. This is the second one over the course of two days. What is puzzling is that before this, their previous attack was 9 years ago. Coincidentally, that was the fateful attack that killed Daichi’s father. It’s not that I am not appreciative of all the action sequences, but what I find odd is the lack of explanation. Why did the Kill-T-Gang put a break in their advances, only to start attacking Earth again, 9 years on? Perhaps there is some collaboration going on with CEO Kube, for them to have resumed. Or perhaps it has something to do with the Kivotos plan, of which we are not told much either. There has to be a reason behind their attacks and here’s hoping it is revealed soon.

During the course of the fight scene, one thing was evident, and that is Daichi’s need for vengeance. In this episode, we see the ever-present scene – hot-headed protagonist rushing into a fight to avenge someone who’s dear to him. I wonder why so many mecha shows always play on this idea, and after putting much thought into it, I have come to the conclusion that maybe it is the writers’ way of reaching out to viewers. In a way, majority of the human population harbour certain deep-rooted negative feelings, be it jealousy, hatred, resentment, etc. Often times, those deep-rooted negative feelings are what spur us on to do (unbelievable) things. Translating that back to the show, Daichi’s drive to defeat Kill-T-Gang certainly stems from his want and needto avenge his father’s untimely and mysterious (though not so mysterious anymore) death. While this does not give him points for brilliance, it certainly does make him more human. And this, I believe, is what the storytelling is trying to achieve – that our protagonist is indeed human, and that it is a human who is trying to save the human race from the (evil) non-humans (and sometimes the other (evil) humans).

Having said that, I do believe that there is some sinister, more underhanded plot at play here. I suspect that CEO Kube has probably got some strange allegiance with the Kill-T-Gang. That, or he is being manipulated by the A.I. Of course, this is mere speculation on my part. And having only seen a handful of mecha anime series, I’d say my guess is probably completely off base. In any case, this episode has raised a number of questions – what is the Kivotos plan? What might the organisation need Hana for? What is Teppei’s relationship with the rest of a Kill-T-Gang?

In all honesty, I started watching this series for the seiyuus. With the likes of HiroC, Kayano Ai, Irino Miyu, and the lovely seiyuu couple Suzumura Kenichi and Sakamoto Maaya, it is no wonder that this series was one of this season’s much-anticipated ones. However, what has drawn me much further into the series would undoubtedly be the music. The soundtrack is stunning. I have not seen many mecha series, but I would say that while Captain Earth has been good so far, it is the music which has made this series all the more enjoyable. This is a classic example of the soundtrack being not just entirely fitting for the scenes, but also enhancing them to elevate the watching experience. Hearing it a second time round, that insert song (apparently sung by Hana) gave me chills. It is so hauntingly beautiful. Here’s looking forward to the next episode and more of the beautiful soundtrack~


2 thoughts on “Captain Earth: Episode 03

  1. I loved the insert song by Hana in this episode; it really was hauntingly beautiful and the soundtrack overall is amazing! :D I feel like there are a few too many organisations with their own agendas that it’s difficult to decipher who is working for whom and with whom and with what intention, but I guess this mildly complex web will sort itself out in time. I’m so disliking the Salty Dog dude, though – has his name even been mentioned yet? – because what a CREEP. I’m so intrigued about Teppei’s story because you’re right; he’s totally conflicted about who he is and what he’s supposed to do, and I hope they don’t do something as heartbreaking as confuse him as to whose side he’s on. I think we’ve established that the four of these kids make the coolest and cutest team and it would be devastating to mess up that dynamic. In other news, I really like Akari – I think she’s hilariously dramatic and all kinds of crazy! And you’re so right; it’s such a good cast they’ve got going on and really makes this show that much more fun!

    • lol not that i remember. i actually listened out for it but they don’t seem to have mentioned his name just yet. and oh gosh that didn’t even occur to me, but i agree – i really hope they do not do that to teppei. that would be most upsetting. got to admit, part of the reason why i’m so fascinated with character is because it’s HiroC (^_^;)

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