Buddy Complex 12

“The Bonds of Two People” 「ふたりの絆」

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With just 2 episodes left to go in this first cour of Buddy Complex, the bonds between our main couples (in whatever meaning of the word you make of) Dio and Aoba, Hina and Bizon grow stronger, undoubtedly towards building up the story for the 2nd season. Lots of action and more refined character development this episode will surely go a long way in future.

Dio & Aoba

The bond they share just keeps getting stronger and I wouldn’t expect otherwise from a Sunrise shounen mecha anime in any case. After last episode’s risky coupling manoeuvre, Dio’s emphater levels have diverged even more to become 15% more in sync with Aoba. They both saw each other’s memories too so now there’s really nothing left to hide. With that experience, Dio’s finally accepting and coming to terms with the fact that Aoba’s really from the past and that there really was a Hina. To top it off, that particular Hina knows Dio too, which is a one-liner that’s bound to replay in Dio’s head as he tries to figure everything about Aoba out. What’s curious is that no one else in Cygnus believed Aoba’s I-came-from-the-past story until Dio sort of vouched for it, and yet they let him join them and pilot a top-secret military weapon with so much freedom! I know anime takes liberties but this is the sort of liberty I’d expect in maybe the Gundam Seed franchise, not for a show a decade on…

It does irritate me to see Aoba’s conflicted feelings towards Hina. On the one hand, he’s decided to stay and fight the good fight (not that he has anywhere to go at the moment) to protect Cygnus and yet on the other, he still can’t fight Hina. I’m impressed with Dio’s patience because by now, I’d have thrown Aoba off the ship. It’s also highly likely that Dio’s come around and chooses to believe Aoba now due to the above mentioned one-liner. Either way, the story is moving along nicely to show the boys supporting each another more so with next week’s final episode for season 1, I expect fireworks and sparks to finally fly when the couple in the new valiancers!

Hina & Bizon

That kiss! First it was forced and so by default inappropriate, regardless of how long you’ve known each other Bizon tsk tsk. Secondly, you did it right after her father’s funeral?! Talk about lack of tack. But this episode shows us the level of devotion/infatuation Bizon has with Hina, going as far as to crash-course power up train to reach the required emphater levels to couple with Hina. That, and how much of a controlling (abusive?) boyfriend he’s be. He’s in his suit since finishing the training so it’s no guess that he’s suffered some nasty side effects from what seems like a challenging and torturous training session. For Yumihara Hina to not appreciate the efforts Bizon has gone for Ryazan Hina, one can only emphatise with the poor guy. It’s no wonder he was so pissed back in episode 01. Separately, why does Sakurai Takahiro seem to be voicing a string of angsty drama queen roles recently, as though he’s trying to shake off last year’s Makishima (Psycho Pass)?

Hina dear, when a scientist asks you to hold out your arm so he can inject you with a fluorescent green liquid, you say no. It’s obviously not common sense to you or you’re just that gullible. It’s still the military though so I’ll give it to you for not questioning authority but see what happens? Now you’re all glazed and glassy-eyed~ sigh. So much for having a strong lead female character. That smirk on Dr. Hahn though is such a clear flag for him having his own agenda and tricks up his sleeves. I’d rather see more of that and Alfried playing his O’Keefe chess piece than see more of the young ones battle it out. Alas, this is not that sort of anime.

It’s nice to see the Alliance finally strike back, even if they did lose an amazing 51% of its pacific fleet even before reaching enemy grounds. That nectar cannon Gorgon is one heck of a mass weapon of destruction beaming through mountains like that. All that war talk over its destructiveness and how the Alliance knew of its invention and development just reminded me of our present day nuclear weapon realities especially with what North Korea’s been up to recently… Anyhow, in a bid to destroy the Gorgon and get back its captured valiancer weapons, the Alliance power and political factions (finally) get their act together, rushing through with delivering 2 new buddy system valiancers right smack in the middle of the war zone. Desperate times call for desperate measures perhaps but it looks to me to be more like a desperate rush to move the narrative along to a suitable break point for season 1.


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