Gokukoku no Brynhildr: Episode 02

“Witches” (魔法使い)

Gokukoku 2a Gokukoku 2b Gokukoku 2c Gokukoku 2d Gokukoku 2e Gokukoku 2f

Another week another episode and another twenty-four minutes for me to kind of stare blearily at the screen due to the fact that this show is increasingly not my style. Unfortunately it’s just been boring and the only semblance of real drama and action filled the span of about two minutes before we panned back to our main characters. It’s been a while since I’ve been this disinterested in a show and if, by the next episode, there continues to be this muted lack of appeal then I’m afraid this show isn’t going to have much hope and that we’ll be in for a rather dull ride for the next ten weeks.

Gokukoku 2eLike many second-episodes, this was the beginning of a gathering of forces, or rather, of main and important characters. It also introduces us into Kuroha’s background as a witch and the fact that these genetically created witches are hunted by some unknown organisation and terminated, along with anybody who is associated with them, regardless of their status as a human. We saw one of the witches, Kanade get taken away by a horde of military vans, trucks and tanks, along with her human friend. The cold, malicious scientist who very calmly demands where the rest of the witches are ends up killing her by removing the metal implant in the back of her neck and resulted in her melting. Like, literally melting. Those two minutes are about the extent of the interesting part of this episode because the rest of it was filled with mindless tension between the two main characters (whose names I’ve forgotten at this point so I shall resort to googling), Ryouta and Kuroha (thank you, google).

Ryouta has yet to impress me with any sort of indication that he’s a capable character. We know he’s assuaged by guilt over hisGokukoku 2h childhood friend, who looks remarkably like the fully grown Kuroha (and probably is her, let’s be real, here.) and that he’s been guilt-tripping himself since her death and practically makes all his life’s choices around said guilt. He’s one of those characters you want to shake up a bit and say “move on with your life” but we wouldn’t have much of a story otherwise, I suppose (I wouldn’t be complaining). The fact is that this plotline has been done time and time again and I barely recall any show that has yet to impress me with this overused story. Kuroha is supposed to be a typical tsundere but she’s written so irritatingly that it’s hard for me to derive any sort of amusement from their interactions. She plays the tragic-woe-is-my-life-so-I-must-be-a-strong-coldhearted-girl-and-not-make-any-friends-but-I’m-really-just-an-adorable-loving-girl-who-cares-for-her-friends-and-doesn’t-want-to-get-hurt and it’s overdone, forced and just plain irritating. And then, we have the random, resident lolicon girl, Kana (Suzaki Aya), who is paralysed but has the use of her left hand and can type in messages as a form of communication. She’s also been given the gift of foresight due to her accident and together with Kuroha, they work to prevent the people she sees in her visions from dying.

Gokukoku 2gI’m almost certain they’re going to turn this into some sort of harem with an ultimate Ryouta/Kuroha endgame and that frightens me beyond belief becauseI can just hear the lame melodrama and the jealousy singing their ear-grating song in the distance and I just do not want to have to go through that. Not only do Ryouta and Kuroha exude zero chemistry, their relationship just feels as if the author is trying too hard for them to be together and making too many concessions and excuses for both of them. Nonetheless, I shall persevere and do my best not to make any judgments before I’ve seen the rest. Who knows? Perhaps the next few episodes will end up surprising me, as sceptical as I am about it.

This has been a too-long rant and I do apologise but perhaps I’ve been able to express my disinterest and feeling of annoyance with a show that has the awesome Oosaka Ryouta playing such a lame dude. He could do so much better…In fact, the rest of them could too.


One thought on “Gokukoku no Brynhildr: Episode 02

  1. LOL I doubt you’ll continue with this anime review. It really is an overused story and Elfen Lied was actually a harem show, just layered with suspense, gore (too much of it) and mystery. I didn’t like the literally melting bit… I thought Kuroha was kidding about being a witch! Didn’t think she meant to be so honest so soon. Gokukoku is unfortunately a rehash of Elfen Lied IMO. Doubt I’d follow through with it too.

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