Captain Earth: Episode 02

“It’s Called Livlaster” (銃 の名はライブラスタライブラスター)

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The much-anticipated second episode of one of this season’s hottest new shows has finally arrived after a suspenseful week and I shall be your host for the evening. We’ve finally got to see just how special Daichi is (if he even is special at all), learn about the secretive organisation Daichi’s uncle belongs to, meet Teppei and Hana again, as well as a particularly interesting and spunky female genius, Yomatsuri Akari. It looks like a team of young, teenage heroes is being gathered together for the fight for humanity.

CE 2hThis episode was definitely a gathering of forces and we finally get to meet the two children whom Daichi met and tried to save as a child. Unfortunately, they’re under the ‘protection’ of a cruel and sleazy man whom I believe is the head of Globe’s internal security forces, Salty Dog. Regardless of the number of times I went through the episode, it doesn’t appear as if this man has a name as of yet, but all you need to know is that he’s not a particularly likeable character and has a disturbing and sadistic fondness for Hana. This episode really set up the politics of Earth’s issue, introducing us to the Kiltgang, of which we’ve met Amara and Moco, voiced by the infamous seiyuu couple, Suzumura Kenichi and Sakamoto Maaya – two voice actors I have a huge fondness for due to many of their previous roles. I expect we’ll meet a lot more of the Kiltgang in the next few episodes, and so far they seem to be leagues ahead of Globe in terms of technology and military prowess. Nevertheless, there’s something special about three of our main characters and with the combined forces of tech-genius Akari, I’ve not doubt they’ll make an extraordinary team.

CE 2gCharacter-wise, there’s something really quite childish about Daichi, which is both adorable but, sometimes, feels a little forced. His reactions upon meeting Hana and Teppei again are really lovely and it’s a cute little scene, but at the same time I feel like the three of them were almost too quick to becoming good friends again despite barely knowing each other, especially after so many years of not knowing what happened to each other. So that, for me, could have been done a lot better, or at least a little less…flatly. Daichi, Teppei and Hana have yet to be developed as characters, and it being only the second episode it’s understandable, but from what I’ve seen of Daichi, as good as he is, he almost seems too good, which detracts from any real complexity of character regardless of how cute he is. Nonetheless, I’m extremely interested in Akari because she just seems really cool and witty and will possibly be the comedy relief of the show.

We also meet a rather obvious antagonist in the form of the CEO Kube, who is in some ways connected to the Kiltgang but we’reCE 2i not told how in any explicit detail. With so many different factions – and possibly more to come – it’s difficult to know who is working for and with what agenda. There is an implied threat with Salty Dog, who desire control, above all, over Hana and Teppei, and who bear a strong dislike for Daichi. But whether they’re working with the CEO Kube or not has yet to be determined. In that respect Captain Earth does remind me somewhat of Gundam 00 because of the various organisations and internal factions vying for the good of their own agenda. There’s quite the complex little web going on in this storyline and I’m quite intrigued to discover the outcome.

It has, however, been another stunning episode, despite not being as good as the first one, in my opinion. Still, there’s a lot of potential and I’m hoping it doesn’t disappoint in terms of plot, because while it’s really got something going for it in terms of the stellar graphics and the awesome OP, they can’t sustain a mecha by themselves, which really relies on plot to make any real impact. I’ve still got high hopes for this show, though, and once the battling begins, I do believe we’ll be seeing a great many more developments come to light.


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