Nobunaga the Fool: Episode 11

“Death” (死神) 

Nobunaga 11a Nobunaga 11b Nobunaga 11c Nobunaga 11d Nobunaga 11e Nobunaga 11g

Such a visually-rich episode that the title of the episode, Death seems almost ironic. There was so much gorgeousness in this episode that I had a hard time taking my eyes away from the screen. The colours and the clarity of the graphics and the action scenes was so stunning. I was thoroughly impressed.

I have to admit that this was another pretty entertaining episode – not as good as the previous one, but still fairly engrossing in its entirety. Nobunaga and his friends are gearing up and planning for the inevitable invasion of Caesar and his fearful army, especially one that’s being backed up by Kenshin and Shingen’s armies. There’s a minor setback, however, when Da Vinci holds out his tarot cards for Nobunaga to pull but Jeanne intercepts and pulls one out herself, getting the ominous card of Death, or the Shinigami in the Japanese translation, which lends itself so much more to this episode as it personifies the one who pulled the card, naming them a harbinger of death. Jeanne has no reserves about this, however, and refuses to let it bring her down, stirring her courage and bracing herself to command her war armour despite any technical difficulties she might have with it. I found this quite admirable and I found myself tolerating her just a little bit more compared to previous episodes.

Nobunaga 11f

Unfortunately, Da Vinci’s tarots are usually correct, especially the ominous ones. Despite the battle seemingly going Nobunaga’s way, and all Mitsuhide’s planning moving according to plan, the spanner in the works comes in the form of Caesar calling upon the dragons of the Eastern Planet to grant him power and the result is his armour shifting and morphing into something much more powerful, stealing power from all the ley lines running through the planet. I was expecting something to go wrong for Nobunaga but I wasn’t exactly expecting this deus ex machina, which felt a little bit forced in my honest opinion. Still, it worked in Caesar’s regard and dragged the fight out just that much longer. What I did find annoying, though, was Jeanne’s reaction to her attempt at saving Nobunaga and Hideyoshi from Caesar’s sword of light (I’ve dubbed it a lightsaber), which ended up dispersing his power and causing it to ricochet into where Nobunaga’s people had evacuated. Although, for real, why did they evacuate so close to the castle, I mean what the heck? Just a little bit stupid and a huge plot hole for the sake of drama. But I digress – I have no qualms with Jeanne feeling an all-consuming guilt at what her actions did, but her whole scream-and-hysterical-crying fest was not impressive. I just wish they’d written that a little differently because I found her vocal crisis pretty annoying. Just no.

Nobunaga 11h

The cliffhanger wasn’t that suspenseful or anticipatory in my opinion, but I am looking forward to the next episode to see what Nobunaga’s going to do about his deemed defeat, but my hopes are all for Jeanne’s character redemption because while this episode was so promising for her, it ended up kind of running her character through the gutter and making her seem like a washed out creature all in the span of twenty minutes, which, does no justice to her personality. I just feel like she could be so much more, even if they have portrayed her main character trait as her big boobs. Please. I think there’s more to her than that, so at least try and make her interesting? Please and thank you.

On another note, let’s have a screencap of these pretty, cool, nameless girls and a hurt Ichihime. These girls need names.

Nobunaga 11i


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