Nobunaga the Fool: Episode 09

“The Moon” (月)

Nobunaga 9ff


After weeks of focusing my time on more worthy shows – sorry, but it’s true – I’ve decided to go back to this for the sake of continuity and getting this over and done with. The things I do for love of Mamo-chan. This is, in some ways, a much more light-hearted episode compared to the past few dramatic ones, but there were a couple of incidents that were pretty frightening. Nevertheless, we got to see a lot more of the beautiful and very astute Uesugi Kenshin, also known as the pretty guy with the purple hair. Unfortunately, he did make a bit of a mess of himself by aligning himself with Caesar, which makes me worry for his life.

Nobunaga bbThat’s the political side of things over but I think the main focus on this episode was on Mitsuhide’s conflicting emotions regarding his role in killing Nobukatsu for Nobunaga’s sake. He’s clearly feeling the guilt of killing his best friend’s brother regardless of how he defines his loyalties and intentions. I must admit that the brief dream sequence with Mitsuhide and Nobukatsu was pretty creepy and gave me a bit of a shock, but it was a pretty appropriate reflection of the state of his mind. I also thought the art of the scene was pretty with everything in grey and red.

In fact, the art and scenery in a lot of the scenes of this episode was really quite lovely as you might see from that amazing scene above. Also, I’ll throw in a random screenshot of the “bowl of emptiness”, granted to Nobunaga by his father for when he became a “worthy” man. But seriously, look at the colours of those clouds. Isn’t it stunning? I think that despite how little I’m enjoying the plot of this series in general, the art really is something to look at and the music is as incredible as ever.

Nobunaga 9gg

Of course, a show can’t survive off music and pretty art alone, and I really feel like it’s such a drag to become invested in such a show. The fact that it’s also 24 episodes long and I’m finding it a bore at this stage really says something, I think.

Nevertheless, a number of other important things happened in this episode, which I hope will give us more action and excitement inNobunaga 9ee the episodes to come. Jeanne has finally had her own armour built for her but can’t seem to activate the power of the regalia. The main reason for this is that apparently her resolve to protect Nobunaga isn’t good or pure enough. Long story short, he doesn’t need protection because he’s already got a multitude of friends who trust in him and are willing to lay down their lives for him simply because they love him. Needless to say, Jeanne catches on after that and manages to find her own resolve to ensure he becomes the king she wants him to be. FinallyNobunaga’s clan doesn’t seem so poorly equipped to battle against the forces of the Western Star, which is a relief.

As I am at high risk of ranting even more about my genuine lack of interest in this series, I shall have to stop here and keep going with the rest of the episodes that I’ve missed. Does anyone else actually enjoy this show? Or, at the least, enjoy it more than I do? I’d be interested in seeing what people actually think about this series because for now there don’t appear to be many redeeming qualities other than a cool cast, an awesome soundtrack, and a number of visually-satisfying scenes.


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