Arashi no Ato

Title: Arashi no Ato (嵐のあと)
Original work by: Hidaka Shoko (Manga)
Release date: 2008年07月25日
Length: 01:13:10
Cast: Morikawa Toshiyuki x Nakamura Yuuichi (森川智之 x 中村悠一)
Related drama(s): Hatsukoi no Atosaki (初恋のあとさき)
Shion’s enjoyment: ❤❤❤
Genres: Drama
Drama translation: None (scanlated manga available)

When Sakaki met Okada at an after-party of an event, he thought that Okada was totally his type, but he never thought he would fall so hard for Okada. Even though Okada seemed like an earnest guy who admires Sakaki a lot, he doesn’t appear to accept Sakaki’s advances.


This drama was narrated half from Sakaki’s pov and half from Okada’s pov. I did enjoy the narration by Sakaki during the first bit, when he met Okada. Sakaki is a gay president of an interior designing company and his chance meeting with Okada at the after-party of an event led to a string of events which brought the two of them closer. Sakaki was a man who wouldn’t get serious with any partner, but his cool exterior gets shaken when he realises that he couldn’t get Okada out of his head. Before he could control himself, he kissed Okada and got a response which appeared to be a rejection. After clearing up the misunderstanding between the two, it was revealed that Okada was just momentarily confused and didn’t know how to react after being kissed by Sakaki.

Sakaki is just too cool; the way he dealt with his “unrequited” love at first and how professional he was after Miyama provoked Okada made me fall head over heels in love with this character. Despite being so talented, he doesn’t act all high and mighty around his employees and they often discuss about guys together? I really like the relationship between Sakaki and his employees, even though the office girls appeared to be just a bunch of gossipers who think of nothing but love, you can tell that everyone really cares for each other.

I didn’t really get Okada at first, I mean, who would call up someone after midnight not once but twice while sitting outside their shop? After hearing things from his pov, I guess Okada was just going along with his feelings without thinking too much about the implications of his actions. After the kiss with Sakaki and the confrontation with Miyama and Sakaki, Okada started to think more about his relationship with Sakaki and the two finally met up to clear up all the misunderstandings. Despite his initial ignorance regarding the entire situation, I think Okada was quite manly and courageous at the end for being the one who accepted his feelings for Sakaki and forced Sakaki to do likewise.

Miyama is a minor supporting character in the drama, but he’s still one of my favourite characters (yes, even more than Okada) for some reason. Like Sakaki, he is quite cold when it comes to love and takes a very cynical viewpoint about the relationship between Sakaki and Okada. He was quite cool when he provoked Okada just to show Sakaki that “getting serious with a hetero is no good”; I thought he cared quite a fair bit for Sakaki, but he soon “dumped” Sakaki as the latter was getting too… I can’t place it, too caring? I thought Sakaki and Miyama would have suited each other, though not in the romantic way, since both of them weren’t the type to get serious and both were quite cool about relationships. Anyway, Miyama is the perfect gay best friend a girl could have, I kinda envy Nakamori for having such a friend whom she could hang out with.

The soundtrack for the entire drama was mainly piano-based and slightly gloomy, but it’s fine with me.

About the seiyuus, I think they were perfectly casted. I read the manga before finding the drama CD, and usually I would be dissatisfied with the casting because I would have formed an image of how the characters should sound like in my mind while reading the manga. In this case, they fitted what I had in mind exactly! Morikawa, Nakamura and SuzuKen played their roles really well and mirrored the manga characters precisely. Apparently this is the first collaboration between Morikawa and Nakamura, Nakamura commented during the free talk that Morikawa was a very gentle seme ^^

This drama CD is loosely connected to Hatsukoi no Atosaki, although Miyama would be voiced by Majima Junji instead of SuzuKen.


4 thoughts on “Arashi no Ato

  1. I was just revisiting this page and I am listening to the drama cd now and I noticed on this review that you stated:

    “This drama CD is loosely connected to Hatsukoi no Atosaki, although Miyama would be voiced by Ono Yuki instead of SuzuKen.”

    I hope you don’t mind me making some correction in that Miyama is voiced by Majima Junji not Ono Yuki (Yuki-kun voices Nishina, the uke) in Hatsukoi no Atosaki (as is also reflected in your review of the same). ^_^

  2. I most certainly did! <3 i'm glad we have similar inclinations. What I like about this drama is that the seme is very much grounded and sure of himself without being arrogant. I think it's also because I have a real-life experience of a gay friend who went through the same situation.

    Nakamura Yuuichi is actually one of the first four seiyuus who got me interested in BL drama as Tori in Sekai ichi Hatsukoi as Chiaki's seme and he portrayed the serious and long-suffering friend/lover well. And then i listened to him in Honto Yajuu and i liked his calm, cheerful and good-natured character there.

    If at some point you find some time (after you've caught up on your anime reviews ^_^), try to listen to Koi ni Inochi wo Kakeru no sa where he is paired up with Kamiya Hiroshi. (I would like to assume you've seen the Sekai ichi Hatsukoi series) It's like listening to Tori x Yuu. I've listened to it but understand very little (haha!) and maybe if you like it enough, you might be persuaded to do a translation…??? keeping fingers crossed LoLz

    • Ahhh Nakamura Yuuichi, he’s one of those with such a diverse vocal range that I can’t recognise him sometimes! And thanks for the recommendation, I’ve gotten the drama already but haven’t listened to it. Finally time for Yuu to find his own happiness huh :P No promises about the translation though, because even if I do, it might come a few months later! But I’ll remember to queue it up in my translation list ^^

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