Hamatora: Post-season Update

Hamatora - to be continuedEpisode 12 of Hamatora ended with the “to be continued”, as shown above. Given the massive gasp inducing cliffhanger of an ending, this is definitely what viewers would be hoping for. However, just how true is this? Is the Hamatora production team just toying with our feelings?? As someone who NEEDS a good resolution/conclusion, I am definitely hoping that this is something concrete and not just a tease. According to Hamatora’s twitter account (and retweeted by Hatano Wataru), the Hamatora project is still continuing. While this message has stirred some hope that the ending of episode 12 was a season finale and not a series finale, it is still very much open to interpretation. In what way does the studio intend to continue with Hamatora? Manga? OVA? Movie? Or hopefully beyond hoping, another season? MyAnimeList has taken this to mean a second season and has even gone as far as to create a whole page for Hamatora season 2. Although nothing has yet to be confirmed (obviously, given that the last episode just aired three days ago and so it is far too soon to confirm anything), all these hints imply that the project is indeed, still continuing. Here’s hoping that we get a season 2!

*update* 2 May 2014: According to a recent tweet on Hamatora‘s twitter account, it looks like we will be getting a second season of Hamatora! The second season, Re: Hamatora, is set to air in July 2014 and it looks like the cast will be returning! Check the official Hamatora website for further updates!


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