Mahou Sensou 10 – 11

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This show is just messy and untidy. We’re nearing the end in this final arc of Mahou Sensou and it’s introducing new characters, trying to develop main character Takeshi even more, paying no heed to every other character and blatantly continuing with a narrative that’s weak and confusing.

First and foremost, how does Aiba-niisan-sensei have an ex-girlfriend from Camelot (another “good” wizard faction on the side of Wizard Brace) who is currently a 4th year high school student? What the? Student-teacher relationship’s ok in magic world? As is Aiba-niisan’s sis-con, Aiba Mui has a brother complex too, seeing as how she doesn’t like said ex-girlfriend who is 2 years her senior. Not surprising…

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Secondly, Takeshi and Gekko’s mom Nanase Yokou (Nanase Ami) aka Twilight’s previous owner/wielder, is suddenly on talking terms with Takeshi and agrees to help train him. What? How? Why? Just because the leader Bishop of Camelot said so? Because she wants to pay her dues through the training by offering her life force? Why would she do that? Why is she so sullen? How did she lose her magic? Why are her ex-students fighting? How is she one of the great 15 magicians? Where are the rest of them? This just makes no sense… it’s ok to bring her into the story, in fact it’s very much welcomed as she ought to be key to Kazuma’s plot for overthrowing the magic world order. But the lack of explanation and haphazard jumping from one storyline to another in episodes 10 & 11, really makes it difficult for Mahou Sensou to piece everything together for the final episode. It’s as though the makers are trying to squeeze so much into so little airtime and doing more to make up for it, which is just counter productive. I’d rather have less characters or less complications, if it means having more depth to the plot and rationale for being in this war in the first place.

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Thirdly, Gekko’s infatuation with Kurumi. She’s right in saying he just wants her for himself not because he likes her, but because he wants to deprive Takeshi of her. Again, for the love of… why is Gekko like this? What on earth happened between the brothers? All we know is an accident happened resulting in Gekko getting hurt with a huge scar down his leg – I don’t see how it’s affected him physically though he seems to make it out to be so. And mom doesn’t tell us either since she passes out before spilling about ‘the accident’. REALLY? Are we really going to wait till the last episode to wrap things up on this front? There’s so much to answer in the final episode already!

                                     Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 12.06.15 am     Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 12.23.30 am

It’s nice to see Oigami (Fukuyama Jun) and Hotaru again. Unlike Aiba-niisan, they got their memories of their time with Trailer back, on top of their time at Wizard Brace. Oigami’s righteousness in helping Isoshima really makes me want to ship them instead of her with either of the Nanase brothers. He’s a good man that Oigami (ok I’m being biased cos he’s voiced by Jun Jun but even then…). Kurumi’s new kiss-based transformation is interesting but as with most other good elements of this show, came too late. She’s dumbfounded about this new skill as are we and given how things are going so far, I doubt we’d get a revelation on this in the final episode.

                                     Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 12.27.09 am     Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 12.29.55 am

Other questionables: How did Ida level up so quickly when we’ve not seen him train at all? The show’s focusing on Takeshi’s training with his mom and by focus, I don’t mean actual, properly explained training unfortunately. How does Takeshi work out so much that he visibly buffs up (Oigami noticed, I didn’t)? Wasn’t he training for a few days only? Where’s Ida Futaba imouto? Why was she taken by the Inspection Bureau? Is Kazuma good or bad? What does he want with Isoshima? How does the key character in starting this whole war, not have any significant air time? Speaking of villains, where’s Violet-sensei? And where’s the school principal Shijou Momoka?

So much left to do in one episode, it’s unlikely we’re gonna get a complete ending. Mahou sensou’s a bad cheese full of holes and it’s probably going to leave a bad taste next week :(


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