Noragami: Episode 11

“Abandoned God” (棄てられた神) 

Noragami 11c

The feels were abundant in this episode. SO many feels. But just the right kind of feels too because I’m a sucker for bonding episodes and the interpersonal relationships between characters are what get me really invested in a story and this show is just so full of all that. It kicks off where the last episode ends with Hiyori’s memories having been stolen by Nora and Rabo and her having forgotten Yato. Her memories of Yukine have yet to fade but even that’s subject to change and I really feel we get an insight into the kind of person Hiyori would have been had she not met Yato in the first place. She literally is a shell of what she was and there’s that distinct lack of spunk that Yato seems to be able to draw out of her. It’s sad for all parties.

Noragami 11aWe also get to see just how dangerous and blood-thirsty Rabo is and finally discover that he was once an assassin but was later elevated to god status due to his notoriety of leaving chaos in his wake. He’s an incredible character and there’s so much potential to flesh him out so I’m a little disappointed that they brought him in so late. I’d really have loved to see more reaction and dialogue between him and Yato because there’s just so much history and darkness there that it’s got me all curious and itching to see their long forgotten relationship. There’s hatred and instigation between them and Rabo’s insistent on getting Yato to remember. What that is, I’m not sure but I’m quite certain that’s going to be answered in the next episode.

Let’s also just take a minute to admire how positively gorgeous Rabo is. He really is quite beautiful.

Noragami 11e

I’ve already said that the best part of this episode was the interaction between YatoYukine and Hiyori, but the most beautifully emotional part for me, was where Yukine was showing Hiyori the picture book that Yato drew with his impressive skills, trying to get her to remember the two of them. She was very clearly touched by it although remained confused because she couldn’t recall anything, but the absolutely pure sincerity on Yukine’s face and in his voice was really lovely and stands as testament to how much he loves Hiyori. The last page that Yukine drew himself, in all his childish inexperience absolutely killed me a little inside, especially with that pained quiver to his voice that expressed all the feelings he can’t declare out loud. The tragic nature of the scene makes it all the more poignant and touching.

Noragami 11d

The final scene was tremendously uplifting despite the dire situation and while it leaves off on a cliffhanger, I think we all feel a little inclination that Hiyori knows something important is missing from her life and from her mind and the split-second decision she makes to follow her friends is testament to that.

The big disappointment I have with this show is the fact that there’s only one more episode and…just how are we going to resolve all the questions that these last few episodes have sprung up? It is a little frustrating – as much as I love Yukine – that his arc was stretched for a few too many episodes. Regardless of the fact that we’re in the original-plot-deflection I’d hoped it would be a little more fleshed out and developed. So this last episode had better be amazing and I’m crossing my fingers for it!


One thought on “Noragami: Episode 11

  1. Rabo IS gorgeous, more so than in the manga imo, though I’m biased for Sakupyon so that might have something to do with it. Yato should work part time as a manga illustrator or something, he really can draw! And Yukine~ aww he’s just so cute! With we know more about his back story from when he was alive.

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