Koushounin Series 01: Koushounin wa Damaranai

Koushounin Series (1)

Title: Koushounin wa Damaranai (交渉人は黙らない)
Original work: Eda Yuuri (Novel)
Release date: 2007年09月25日
Length: 02:11:49
Cast: Koyasu Takehito x Hirakawa Daisuke (子安武人×平川大輔)
Related drama(s): ② Koushounin wa Utagawanai
Shion’s enjoyment: ❤❤❤
Genres: Action, Comedy, Drama
Drama translation: Disc 1, Disc 2
Synopsis: Mebuki Akira works at his own office as a negotiator who solves his clients’ problems in a diplomatic manner. One day, Hyoudou, a yakuza claiming to be his lower classman during high school barges into his office. How was their relationship in the past and what are Hyoudou’s motives now?


Koushounin wa Damaranai is a love comedy which is still hilarious no matter how many times I re-listen. There are many comedic moments which I’ll always look forward to when I listen, the scene where Mebuki first meets Hyoudou, when Hyoudou forces Mebuki to change into his suit in the car, and basically most scenes with the two of them talking. I love the way they interact – it might be because I really like a cool seme with a tsundere uke, but I’m sure it isn’t just that.

We were first introduced to a smart and suave Mebuki who works as a negotiator; I’m not too sure about how things are like in Japan, but I doubt someone would be able to survive on a job like that in my country. He was reunited (reluctantly) with his high school lower classman Hyoudou who has now become a yakuza. Mebuki wasn’t exactly happy about their reunion but as expected, Hyoudou ignored Mebuki’s protests and proceeded to get closer to Mebuki – by becoming a client. I was surprised when he failed Mebuki first negotiation and lost his cool. But it was later revealed that everything was part of his plan – faith in Mebuki restored. There was a turn of events when Mebuki got kidnapped by Baba, who tried to force himself on Mebuki. Luckily (and predictably), Kio and Hyoudou arrived just in time and saved Mebuki’s ass, literally. The story seemed to follow a rather cliché progression, but it wasn’t the plot which attracted me to this drama. Rather, it was the lightheartedness surrounding the drama and the lovable characters.

Mebuki is a very smart and righteous man who possesses a very strong will; he has worked as a policeman and a lawyer before settling to become a negotiator. It seems quite amazing that he would choose such a “profession” in the end, despite being well qualified for other more prestigious and highly salaried professions. It wasn’t just the opening scene, where he skillfully negotiated the desired outcome, but also the way he has chosen passion over money which made me admire him a lot. He is a rather keen observer who possesses enough general knowledge to carry on conversations in any situation, an ability I wish I had. I have no idea how he can appear so cool and confident when he faces Hyoudo and other yakuza; perhaps he used his knowledge of law as his power. It is hilarious how he loses his cool correcting others who doesn’t know how to pronounce “negotiator” properly; incidentally, “nekoya” refers to some sort of prostitution house if I’m not wrong. The way He plays the rather prissy uke who tried his hardest to keep the distance between Hyoudou and himself.

As the intellectual yakuza who doesn’t deal with drugs, Hyoudou appeared to be gentle yakuza who didn’t quite know how to express his feelings for Mebuki. His futile attempts which got misinterpreted as harassment were quite entertaining. I also liked the way he was straightforward about everything, especially during the scene where he told Mebuki there’s no need to wear his own unbranded suits. As a Koyasu fan, I’m warning you that I’ll be very biased towards him, with that voice of his, I think I’ll fall in love with whatever character he plays (except when he plays some crazy character and uses his crazy voice). I love the sarcastic and poker-faced Hyoudou Koyasu played, I know it’s not easy to be a bad-ass, dashing, polite and caring yakuza but Koyasu did it very well. AlthoughI found it a bit strange that sometimes he speaks really politely and sometimes he doesn’t, it wasn’t really a big thing.

With the charming characters, the hysterically funny plot, and Koyasu’s sexy voice, Koushounin wa Damaranai will always be something I go back to for some light-hearted listening.


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