Nagi no Asukara: Episode 23

“To Whom Do These Feelings Belong” (この気持ちは誰のもの) 

Nagi 23a

Yet another beautiful episode from the increasingly resplendent show and with only a few more episodes to go we’re getting closer to not only the main plot’s climax, but the height of drama between all the characters. I repeat myself week after week about how much better this show is compared to the first half and how this show in general harks back to an atmosphere of whimsical nostalgia a decade-past. There’s something about this show that’s reminiscent of the slice of life dramas of the 90s and early 2000s that I can’t quite put my finger on.

Nagi 23bEveryone is reeling with the knowledge that Manaka has lost her ability to love but not all of them think it necessarily a bad thing. Funnily enough, only Hikari and Sayu have shown immense decisiveness one way, with Miuna fluctuating in between. I think this really speaks about all the characters on a deep level. Tsumugu is rational about the situation, Chisaki’s thoughts are affected by her own dealings with love, Kaname is somehow thoughtful yet dismissive about it and Hikari and Sayu are so alike in their ability to feel that the thought of not being able to feels like betrayal. Miuna is just as caught between her feelings as Chisaki is and can’t quite place herself on either side of the spectrum.

This was very much a thought-provoking episode rather than an action-based one, or as action-based as the show can be in any case, but it wasn’t boring. There have been less-than-entertaining episodes in the past but as I’ve said before, I’m still highly impressed with this second arc. 

Nagi 23c

Of course, what would a review be without my favourite couple to grace this show? Something very dramatic happened Nagi 23ebetween Tsumugu and Chisaki and it’s what I’ve been waiting for for a very long time. During a little skirmish with Hikari, who has it in his mind that Manaka still loves Tsumugu and has been trying to force him into helping Manaka regaining her memories by lying about his feelings for her, Tsumugu, the bigger man both literally and mentally, finally confessed his love for Chisaki. Who of course wound up overhearing and then dove into the sea rather dramatically, with Tsumugu hot on her heels. I think we all knew when Miuna developed ena that the next likely candidate would be Tsumugu and lo and behold, it was!

This is one cliffhanger I was not happy about, however, if only because I’ve been itching for this confrontation forever only to have it cut short. I do hope that everything works out between them, though I have a sinking suspicion in my stomach that I’m not going to get what I want. With only a few more episodes to go, what is going to happen between these broken, confused individuals and can anything possibly work out for the best for all of them? They all deserve happiness after such a long road and I hope this show gives it to them.


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