Nagi no Asukara: Episode 22

“Thing That Was Lost” (失くしたもの) 

Nagi 22a

This was a beautiful episode and I was left utterly breathless and so impressed with the direction this episode jerked the plot towards. There really isn’t much to say other than that and how completely stunning everything about this episode was, not to mention the sheer level of clenching emotion it evoked within me. I really feel like this final stretch is exceeding all my expectations and what started out as a fairly standard show has thoroughly redeemed itself in the second half.

The search for Uroko has come to an end, despite the majority of this episode being about the search for him. And Hikari Nagi 22band Miuna finally have their answers as to what was lost when they took Manaka out from the sea and it’s not just her ena. In the previous episode there was a short moment where everyone was having fun and enjoying themselves and Hikari just so happened to glance in Manaka’s direction only to find her with a deadened look in her eyes despite the smile that graced her lips. I didn’t think much of this at first – I thought she’d zoned out or was recalling something from her time in the sea but, this episode was the gut-kicker and gave that little scene meaning. It’s not just her ena that’s been slowly eroding, but what was taken from her by the sea god is her actual ability to love and WOW but that wasn’t something I was expecting until Uroko hammered that nail in the coffin.

Nagi 22cI had thought that she’d been acting just a little too happy and I guess this is why. Perhaps she’s subconsciously compensating for something she feels is lacking and…it’s just really sad. Many memories that had anything to do with her feeling something for someone, specifically love, has been wiped from her mind, giving credence to Uroko’s words that nobody’s feelings will every reach her again. What really added to the beauty of this episode, however, was, for me, the music coupled with the scenery. It was positively stunning and I’m a big fan of when music and art work in perfect synergy with the running plot and this episode certainly carried it well.

Some final notes to add were the little subplots such as a little scene between Kaname and Chisaki, where he jokingly says he should ask her out again, while, unbeknownst to him, Sayu and Tsumugu are within earshot. After the emotional roller coaster that this show has put me through, all I want is for all these guys to be happy and to find some semblance of peace because they sure as heck deserve it at this point. But, whatever the final few episodes have in store for us, I’m quite sure that my heart is going to be chipped away into a million pieces more than once before the end. After this incredible episode, I’ve got high hopes for the rest and I cannot wait to see what it has in store for me.


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