Noragami: OVA 1

Noragami OVA 1

This is possibly the most hilarious episode for Noragami ever and was a nice break in the slowly darkening mood of the actual series. And it’s only an OVA, which makes it that much more impressive. I could not stop laughing throughout the entire episode because everything about it was ridiculous and hilarious and really cute too! In this OVA Yato decides to possess Hiyori’s body and essentially advertise his godly self in order to attract more customers. Through Hiyori’s body. And everything else that entails. It was hilarious. What was even worse for the poor girl was that it was her first day of high school and impressions are everything and “she” definitely made one!

Some of the shenanigans that Yato got up to while inhabiting Hiyori’s body was, in a way, servicing some of her moreNoragami OVA 1b naive male classmates, and poor Hiyori in her phantom form was left mortified as she watched herself take flirting to a whole other level in a way that’s just entirely uncharacteristic of her true self. Still, Yato makes a pretty cute girl! There were many nosebleeds to be had in this episode and I thoroughly commend Uchida Maaya for capturing Yato’s personality completely and with all the nuances of HiroC’s Yato at the same time. It made for an episode of laughs!

Noragami OVA 1cI think what made this episode so great was the fact that the whole gang was there, including, unfortunately, Kofuku, who brought pretty promises and poverty wherever she went and was entirely too close to bankrupting Hiyori’s school. Still, when you look like that, it’s hard not to revel in all the attention. And shame on those old, married men for falling for someone who looks like a high school student!

My favourite part of this episode, however, was undoubtedly the end, where a very poor and miserable Yato is beingpunished by…everyone, really, and he’s just so adoooorable when he cries that I couldn’t help but coo and “awww!” out loud, coupled with a disturbing need to hug him better. I mean just look at those eyes!

Noragami OVA 1g

How could anyone say ‘no’ to that face or to those tears? Definitely not Hiyori, which made for a really adorable and tender moment between the whole gang and bearing all the ingredients for a really cute and sweet OVA, which is what all OVAs should aspire to be like. So yes! This was a highly enjoyable episode and it’s really just for anyone who really wants to laugh for a full twenty minutes and cackle at the absolute ridiculousness these folks get up to in their spare time! Makes me wish that this was my first day of high school because it’d definitely be something worth remembering!


One thought on “Noragami: OVA 1

  1. lol I really liked this OVA too, can’t wait for the second one! And HiroC’s range! I don’t remember when he’s ever done comedy this good (Ixion Saga doesn’t count cos his character there had such a straight face).

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