Nobunaga the Fool: Episode 08

“Wands” (棒)

Nobunaga 9a

What’s this? Actual plot coming along? Colour me surprised and genuinely stunned! It’s funny how mercurial I am with my feelings for this show. It’s garishness and utter ridiculousness should have been evident in its namesake but I suppose my love for Mamo-chan kind of blurred my rationality for what this was going to be about and how much I’d ultimately enjoy it. I don’t hate the show. But neither do I particularly look forward to it. There are times where it’s just so promising and then it just lets me down, *cough* like last week’s episode. What an absolute mess that episode was…

Nevertheless, this show has redeemed itself for the umpteenth time (let’s not even begin to try and quantify how many times it’s let me down) with a very action-packed episode thick with plot and a surprising measure of character development on Nobunaga’s part. For once he wasn’t shouting in every single scene he’s been in and was actually genuinely kind to Himiko. Jeanne, predictably felt a painful pang in her chest at the sight but whatever, she’ll get over it by the end of the episode. Also, we were introduced to Mr. Pretty Face, i.e. Lord Uesugi Kenshin, whose voice actor, Hiroki Nanami, sounds so familiar but apparently hasn’t been in anything and this show is his debut as a voice actor. Hooray that he gets to play such a pretty character. Doesn’t hurt that he seems like a really nice guy too~

Nobunaga 9b

So Nobunaga’s battling Caesar for most of the second half of this episode and it turns out that Caesar can’t use the shinki he stole from Shingen because it’s already bonded with Nobunaga. Who the heck knows how, because that sure didn’t get an explanation, despite this episode being fairly rich in critical information regarding ley lines and shinki and how basically the Western planet wants to utilise all the ley lines the East has and rule the two planets. Or at least that’s what it sounded like Da Vinci was getting at. I was too busy laughing over what a character he is and I think it’s safe to say that regardless of the fact that he’s basically a database slash encyclopaedia for this show, he’s my favourite character. I mean, really. Just look at this dude.

Nobunaga 9c

I must also confess that I barely paid any attention to the fight scene, when they’re usually my favourite scenes to watch. I was much too busy enjoying the music track accompanying it. If it’s one thing this show does have, it’s an amazing soundtrack and I can’t wait to get my hands on it when it’s finally released!

Other than that, meh, I’ll wait for next Sunday but I can’t say I’m particularly intrigued as to what’s going to happen for the last four episodes of this show.


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