Noragami: Episode 09

“Name” (名前)

Noragami 9e

Best episode ever. For this show, anyway. It was so goodNoragami continues to be a wonderful way to end and start the week for me and this episode was no exception. The comedy is brilliant, as is the drama and the angst, which this episode portrayed fabulously. And I may or may not have shed a small tear when the trio had a desperate and emotional moment before the end.

Noragami 9bThis episode obviously continues where the last one left off – with Hiyori bringing Yato and Yukine to Kofuku’s shrine and Daikoku created a borderline between them, preventing them from entering. Like the majority of the world, no one can deny Hiyori and so he let her through to cleanse the blight from her phantom body. Unfortunately, Yato’s blight is too severe for any holy water and the only way to save his life is to punish the adorably misguided Yukine by performing an ablution for his sins. And even more so, only shinki have the right to punish other shinki for their sins.

When Daikoku sets out to loan two other shinki from various shrines Mayu offers her services willingly. I thought this was a really lovely scene because obviously first impressions of her weren’t exactly pleasant but I thought she was pretty badass in this episode. And speaking of badass ladies, Hiyori, as always, never fails to impress and she actually went to Bishamon’s shrine and started yelling for Kazuma, much to his chagrin. It was kind of hilarious seeing him vexed by her recklessness.

What followed was such an emotional and really heart-wrenching scene of the three of them ganging up on Yukine to Noragami 9cperform the ablution and oh, but he was just such a tiny thing in the face of all those grown ups and looked so completely lost and abandoned in the midst of it all! Kaji Yuki’s voice while he’s screaming and throwing a rather life-threatening tantrum makes the scene that much better. I have such a soft spot for both these boys. But even more beautiful was the dialogue between HiyoriYato and Yukine as they tried to reason with him and bring him back to them. There’s so much potential for a real relationship between the three of them and I think this episode cemented it and prepared us for the kickass-ness of their trio to come.

Here’s Yukine’s baby face because it’s adorable.

Noragami 9d

Noragami 9aOn to the more serious side of things, though,  Sakurai’s character, Rabo, finally speaks and his voice is so sexy, oh dear.
And Nora’s obviously in league with him but I’m really intrigued as to what he is; a shinki or a god or something else entirely? And just where is this going, because I can’t see the sinister plot and I’m just so excited to see what’s going to happen! My only concern, though, is the fact that there are only three more episodes left and it looks like an entirely new arc is starting so how exactly are they going to deal with this? I’m hoping for a second season because it’s just that good, but I have this awful feeling that they’re going to do something original and do it badly…I hope not but, well…I shall reserve judgment for the end, I suppose!


One thought on “Noragami: Episode 09

  1. I read this, ‘Kaji Yuki’s voice while he’s screaming and throwing a rather life-threatening tantrum makes the scene that much better’ and thought, wow, since when has komorebi-chan cultivated a sadistic side? She likes to hear Yuu-tan scream… and of course Sakupyon’s voice is sexy :D

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