Shiawase ni Dekiru 5

Title: Shiawase ni Dekiru 5 (幸せにできる 5)
Original work: Tanizaka Izumi (Novel)
Release date: 2007年04月25日
Length: 00:55:55
Cast: Okiayu Ryoutarou x Morikawa Toshiyuki (置鮎龍太郎 x 森川智之)
Related drama(s): ① Shiawase ni Dekiru 1 (幸せにできる 1)
② Shiawase ni Dekiru 2 (幸せにできる 2)
③ Shiawase ni Dekiru 3 (幸せにできる 3)
④ Shiawase ni Dekiru 4 (幸せにできる 4)
Shion’s enjoyment: ❤❤❤❤
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Slice of Life
Drama translation: Coming soon.

While Kuonji is in New York for work, Honda’s ex-girlfriend requests for his help to get information on Subaru, the eldest brother in the Kuonji family. What dangerous matter is Subaru involved in? When Honda meets up with Akira in an attempt to dig up information about mysterious Subaru, Akira pushes him down and it seems like Honda’s threats aren’t going to deter Akira this time.


Let’s just start with the characters.

Kuonji gets jealous as he is increasingly aware of the fact that Honda was and still is popular with both men and women (seriously, can such a person exist in real life?!) but before he could do much, he jets off to New York on a business trip, leaving Honda alone in Japan. The phrase “when the cat’s away the mice will play” automatically comes to mind and I wasn’t too far off, as Akira jumped at the chance to further his relationship with Honda. I’m starting to think that Kuonji is an extremely patient man; it seems like he’s always rescuing and helping Honda without being thanked – instead, he’s always been treated like a nuisance. What kind of tolerance training did he undergo?

Honda stays pretty much the same in this drama, being pulled around by others’ whims and losing his cool all the time. I must say I missed hearing flustered Honda; he had it easy in the previous drama didn’t he? Akira dropped by unannounced at Honda’s workplace and Honda rushed down to meet him without much thought. Before he knew it, he was alone with Akira at a high-class restaurant aaaaand being pushed down against his will. This isn’t the first time Honda has been manipulated by others, he is usually so kind and naïve that he gets influenced really easily; just recall the start of his relationship with Kuonji. Meanwhile I think Honda is starting to rely on Kuonji more, well, he has always been depending on Kuonji, and so he’s just starting to become more aware of how much importance Kuonji has in his life. He admits that he feels relieved when he thinks that Kuonji will be coming back to Japan soon.

Akira meets Honda at Mayuri’s shop opening ceremony, and that’s the first time they’re meeting face-to-face since Akira tried to force himself on Honda in one of the previous dramas. Upon hearing that Kuonji is in New York for a business trip, Akira invited him out for a meal “soon”. Soon was pretty soon, as he invited himself over to Honda’s office the very next day. Akira is rather persistent this time round, probably because he knows that things would be easier without Kuonji around. The way Akira’s brain works is exactly the same as Kuonji’s, it must run in the family. According to him, an invitation to a meal equals to invitation to H. Yea sure. Just when I thought Honda would get raped (no actually, I was quite sure he won’t because, that never happens in a fan-serviced drama), Morita appears in a nick of time to save him. By the way, Morita is an amazing guy; I’m not sure if someone like him can exist in real life! He is always on top of everything. He tracked down Akira, kept a watch on Honda when Honda met up with Miwa and even informed Kuonji when Subaru turned up. Also, remember who dug out Honda’s childhood photos?

Subaru, the eldest brother in the Kuonji family makes an appearance in this drama as someone who doesn’t get along with Kuonji and that roughly translates to “bad person”. And when he appears, he unnerves Honda (who usually loses his cool anyway) by sounding like he knows everything about Honda, from Honda’s mother to Honda’s relationship with Miwa. Subaru does give off a bad person vibe, kudos to the Seiyuu. He tries to get Honda to wait in a hotel room for him but failed thanks to Kuonji’s intervention.

The Seiyuus were great as usual. Okiayu has created a more gentle Kuonji who gets jealous at times. Although I miss the arrogant Kuonji in the first drama, Okiayu has a way of making me fall in love with his low voice; it’s liquid gold to me. I’m still amazed by Morimori’s versatility in playing different roles, and being able to pull them off with ease. Besides the two main leads, we can’t not commend Suzumura for his role as Kagami, Honda’s junior at work; I really loved the Kagami he portrayed – a little unreliable yet earnest and kind.

The plot for this drama starts to unfold when Miwa impulsively asked Honda for Subaru’s schedule. She quickly changed her mind about troubling Honda (after asking him out specifically for that reason, yes) and told him to forget about it. But Honda just couldn’t leave anyone alone. He successfully helps Miwa, but still had his ass saved by Kuonji at the end of the day. About the ending, I’m not happy. Why were there so many things left unexplained? What happened between Kuonji and Subaru that made their relationship so terrible? What exactly was Subaru involved in? And I won’t be fooled, up till the end, I did not get to hear Honda admit that he likes Kuonji! We didn’t get a proper closure about Akira’s feelings for Honda too. The title “Shiawase ni Dekiru” kind of made me think that this drama would end up in marriage or at least end with the couple cohabiting happily ever after. I’ve checked and there isn’t a Shiawase ni Dekiru 6 or Bangaihen release, so this is it. Although I’m sure the novel wrapped things up properly, it would still be nice if there was more of an effort to conclude the drama. Despite my dissatisfaction at the way plot was handled, the Shiawase ni Dekiru series had been a really cute drama ranging from amusing to downright hilarious at times. It would make a wonderful companion for long bus rides ^^

For more sexy Okiayu voice, I would recommend the Yuuwaku series. You can also try the Hisoyaka na Jounetsu series to hear a different kind of Okiayu with… Konishi-san! I can’t think of any Morimori dramas off the top of my head, but I will update again when I get more reviews up.


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