Nobunaga the Fool: Episode 07

“The Hierophant” (秘儀王)

Nobunaga 7a

This was one of those episodes where nothing really happened apart from Nobunaga and Shingen-sama battling it out like the hotheads they are. It made for a multitude of pretty ugly faces… Sooooo, looks like Himiko’s still clinging to life but that Nobukatsu is indeed dead. However, the officials and Nobunaga hence goes after the Takeda clan to demand whether he sent assassins after him and his brother. And Mitsuhide goes along with the farce that he unwittingly created but I think we can all tell that guilt is gnawing at him.

Unlike the previous episode, I’m back to being bored with this show and I still can’t get into it. I think the only reason I actually liked the previous episode was because it was dramatic and emotional. This episode…not so much. Well, a little towards the end with Shingen’s death but instead of the intensity I was expecting, of course Caesar and his two irritating little blond imps go and ruin what should have been a very noble death. Well, as noble as two guys battling it out while expressing their joy at fighting worthy opponents can be. I will admit that the dialogue between these two guys was entertaining. You wouldn’t think that they were fighting to the death.

Although, I would add that Caesar is very pretty, despite his cheating personality, ahem. Nobunaga 7b

I think that what really gets me about this show is that I just don’t know where it’s going. Admittedly I find myself being distracted while watching this, which makes for a less than stellar knowledge of the plot but still. The fact that I’m not paying attention probably speaks for how much or, rather, how little I’m actually invested in this show. It’s such a shame because it’s got an amazing cast and yet I find myself quite disappointed.

Da Vinci is just as elusive as ever and yet I actually find myself liking him because he’s just one of those sideline characters who just so happens to know everything and uses his Tarot cards to tell the future in some manner or another. I also reckon he’s the most light-hearted of all the characters without being irritating and I guess that’s a nice breath of fresh air.

Nobunaga 7cUnfortunately, I can’t say I’m waiting for the next episode with any amount of enthusiasm, but I stall be brave and stick it out until the end, if only to convey my utter resignation and ire at the lack of character development in this show at all.

Shall there be any redemption for this show? Is there any sign of it actually moving? Stay tuned for another possibly gruelling episode next Sunday.


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