Kuroko no Basuke 2: Episode 20

KnB 20 - Teams

This episode is nothing short of exciting. From the second and third matches, to their quarter-final match against Yosen High School, we see how much the Seirin team has grown, and the face-off against a ‘new’ Kiseki no Sedai.

KnB 20 - slapThe episode featured Seirin playing against Nakamiya South and Morizono North. After their intense match with Touou, one might expect Seirin to breeze through the next match (because there was no Kiseki no Sedai). And I think Seirin felt the same as well. Which is why we saw them struggling during the first quarter of the second match. The cause? It was clearly spoken by Imayoshi, “Seirin’s greatest enemy is themselves”. In the aftermath of such an enormous victory, complacency is a natural side effect. Thankfully, Hyuuga snapped to his senses and asked for a slap from Riko, which gave him and the team motivation to win that match.

As for the third match, Seirin won when Kagami and Kuroko subbed in during the third quarter. Although Seirin improved considerably over the summer, it is their first time playing in the Winter Cup, and they do need to work together as a team to get all help and support they can get.

Continuing from the previous episode, we see how Kagami and Kuroko are both getting in extra training. Kagami’s master, Alex (voiced by Kaida Yuki) taught Kagami a new move, which I highly suspect is the disappearing shot move thing that Tatsuya (voiced by Taniyama Kishou) performed during the street basketball match. During Alex’s encounter with Tatsuya, Tatsuya accused Alex of treating him as a child and confidently stated that he’s better than Alex. I do think Tatsuya is probably right, but how can you say that to your master!! She’s your master after all! You should never disrespect your master! But I am glad that Alex showed up. She’s so cool!! And being voiced by Kaida Yuki helps too, she does amazing guy voices. If you haven’t already seen it, look out for her as Fuji Shuusuke in Prince of Tennis.

KnB 20 - AMKAs for Kuroko, thank goodness he’s getting shooting training from Aomine (voiced by Suwabe Junichi). It is so exciting! I really want to see how much skill Aomine has imparted to Kuroko. As for the part about Akashi not teaching Kuroko how to shoot, what’s that about? Did he really purposely leave out the shooting bit so that Kuroko would not be as good? Or did he really accidentally forget to teach Kuroko? Knowing Akashi, it is probably on purpose. But, at least Kuroko has Aomine to teach him. And the whole scene with Kuroko, Momoi and Aomine, it’s so cute! I’m also really glad to see how much Aomine has humbled down. Oh Suwabe Junichi how you can do an ouji-voice and a seishun-voice as well. The best part of this episode for me was when Kuroko thanked Aomine, and Aomine thought, “I should be thanking you instead.” Even though he didn’t say it aloud, he still thought of it, proving that Aomine has really changed. DRASTICALLY! And when he said, “You’d better not lose”, it was such and ‘aww’ moment. He’s rooting for Kuroko (: (: (: (: (:

When the game was starting and the teams were walking out, it was hilarious to see the cameraman getting startled by the height of the Yosen players. And how Hyuuga was so nervous because of the height disparity. Oh man, the Yosen players are intimidating!

KnB 20 - tip off

During tip off when it was Kiyoshi versus Murasakibara (Suzumura Kenichi), of course it was to be expected that Murasakibara would get the ball. But what I didn’t see coming was him catching the ball before it reached the highest point. Such a comic relief moment. Added on to the effect was when the soundtrack stopped when the whistle was blown. Ahahaha Murasakibara is such a baka! And Suzumura Kenichi does such a great ‘bored’ voice. You can really tell how he’s just concerned about his snacks (“Can I just go get my snacks?”)

So Seirin got the ball and when they tried to score, BAM Murasakibara blocked it. Not one, but two shots. He is HUGE! This is probably a real obstacle for Seirin, after almost every play they planned was shot down. How will Seirin overcome this? Will they be victorious in this game, or would is just end here? Let me know what you think in the poll below!

Well, that’s all I have for now. Mata ne~


2 thoughts on “Kuroko no Basuke 2: Episode 20

  1. I love that slap scene! LOL and I didn’t realise Alex is voiced by Kaida Yuki! nice :) her English works too surprisingly haha. better than Kagami’s. I think you’re right about Akashi, he seems the sort to not show all his cards at any time…

    • haha yes that slap scene! i thought kagami’s english sounded very forced :/ yes, but yay that aomine taught kuroko how to shoot! (:

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