Noragami: Episode 08

“Over the Line” (一線を越えて)

Noragami 8a

This was an incredible episode and I feel like we’re finally coming to an end of an arc in terms of the whole Yukine business. No, really, it was amazing and I was riveted from the beginning. Of course that might have been because in the beginning YatoYukine and a new client who just so happens to be a young teenage boy, wind up in the girls bathroom while Hiyori’s washing her hands and she immediately deals them the deserved punishment. With a broom. No, seriously, how can you not love Hiyori?? She’s so badass.

Noragami 8dLet’s just take a moment and take in the sheer hilarity of this screencap and the ultimate awesomeness that is a girl who spends all her spare time watching male wrestling on TV.

ANYWAYS. Onto the meat of the matter; this episode was about the boy, Manabu having called Yato for his services because he’s being bullied by his classmates. We’re talking about some serious clothes in the rubbish, his lunch thrown all over his shoes and literally stabbing him in the back with a pencil until he bleeds kind of bullying. Despite the animation and the supernatural aspect of the show, I think this episode dealt with bullying quite well because, as we all know, kids are cruel and this episode juxtaposed Manabu and Yukine’s teenage struggle and really made it work.

Noragami 8c

What I like is that Manabu so clearly wants an out whereas Yukine, much to my heartbreak, really wants an in. He wants to be alive again. He’s envious of Manabu’s actual LIFE and his existence and gets irritated by what he thinks is a whiny attitude when he’s just ‘got it all going for him.’ Like any other teenage that age, Yukine’s self-centred and so focused on his own problems that he can’t sympathise with Manabu’s plight, which, in the end, pushes both Yato and Hiyori over the edge. She can’t afford to coddle him or sympathise with him anymore, not when Yato’s life is in danger.

I think it takes a lot of guts to do that, especially with Yukine’s volatility.

Another part of this episode that I thought was really wicked was Kofuku and Bishamon’s scene, where we really got to see another side to Kofuku other than her bubbly, scatterbrained personality. Just like her shinkiDaikoku, I was super impressed when she basically threatened Bishamon of all gods, in the most casual but sinister way possible. I mean look at her smirk!

Noragami 8b

I feel like we got a whole lot of character development in one single episode and that made me very happy indeed. The ending though, when Daikoku cast a barrier between Kofuku and the trio, makes for some serious drama that had me groaning in indignation that the episode had to end. I’m seriously anticipating the next episode and with such a fun show, I’m hoping it won’t disappoint!


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