Tokyo Ravens: Episode 16

Darkness Emerge: 神扇 – Divine Fan

Tokyo ravens ep 16 - fan

Onmyou Agency finally put their plan into action, and in this episode we see the eradication of the Twin Horn Syndicate. This was a very good refresher episode, with a number of questions being answered, together with the explanations given by Hirata (oh Ishida Akira, it is always lovely hearing your voice). If like me, you had completely forgotten about what went on in the first half of the season, this episode should jog your memory. Or, maybe not..

Tokyo ravens ep 16 - shaverThe episode begins where it left off the previous episode, with the students of Onmyou Prep finding out that Kagami has been engaged to act as their bodyguard. Obviously, feelings of resentment ran wild as all of them very openly expressed their resentment (yes Harutora, I am looking at you in particular).While Kagami has quite the presence, the one who caught my attention was Shaver (Terashima Takuma, using his manly voice thank goodness!). Introduced in the previous episode, I kind of overlooked him, as the introduction of Takaki Souma raised more suspicions. Admittedly though, I feel bad to have let Souma’s introduction overshadow Shaver’s, as I do recall Shaver to have showcased certain oddities in his personality. Examples of such oddities were, of course, highlighted in this episode, as we see him constantly watching over our main characters, all the while either staring at them intently or chanting “つまない、つまない、つまない – bored bored bored”. If that does not strike you as strange, I don’t know what will.

Following that, we were also presented with a scene featuring Harutora and Kagami. The two were engaged in a fairly long and serious conversation, with Harutora relating what went on during the fight between Ootomo and Doman. The gist of it? Ootomo’s coolness is once again acknowledged, Kagami really is quite the arse (although, his arsery is quite justified) and Harutora (the justification) is honestly such a useless protagonist. It might probably be unfair to judge Harutora at this stage, as some might argue that he has not done much so far to garner such criticism. But that is just it – Harutora hasn’t done much so far!

Tokyo ravens ep 16 - amamiWith this episode, Tokyo Ravens is more than fulfilling its role as an action genre as we are presented with another awesome (for lack of a better word) fight scene. As the title reveals, the focus this week was on Director Amami and his fight with Hirata, who turns out to be a Yakou devotee. While it was not as thrilling as episode 14’s fight scene (no yusayusa kyun-inducing chanting and all), it was pretty impressive (although, I guess I am in no position to complain, as Ishida Akira’s melodious voice was given plenty of air time). I do think that the writers crafted that scene very well. We were told from the very beginning that Amami had set up a trap and with that revelation, one would expect that whatever went on was all there was to it. Well, not quite. As a viewer, even I fell into Amami’s trap. It was only upon re-watching that scene did I realise that Amami had been the one asking the questions the entire time! Amami is the Divine Fan and, in my opinion, very well deserving of that title.

As mentioned, questions were answered this week, thanks to Hirata. We find out that he is a Yakou devotee, a true devotee who had inherited his will. Repulsed at what the Twin Horn Syndicate had been reduced to, his sought to exterminate them to stop them from further tarnishing the Yakou name. Hirata further revealed that those who followed Yakou’s will were divided into two groups – the Twin Horn Syndicate and Onmyou Prep School. Both were established to fulfil Yakou’s two main desires – Onmyou Prep School was born from his desire to raise new onmyou mages (anyone else thought of Hogwarts?); the Twin Horn Syndicate was formed because of his other desire, of which was not revealed.

Tokyo ravens ep 16 - hirata scared

One final note to add before concluding this review.. Look out for the brilliant use of the soundtrack during the fight scene. The sinister melody emphasised Hirata’s fear and anxiety, during the seconds he spent fretting over Amami’s prowess. Together with Ishida Akira’s convincing performance, Hirata’s apprehension definitely showed.

And so, following the revelations, what is in store for our main characters? What implications would there be, if everyone at Onmyou Prep were a student of Yakou? And that final scene – are Hirata and Souma the same person? Although questions were answered, more have been raised. But not only that, intrigue and fascination have also been aroused. Now if only the Raven coat issue were addressed soon, most things would be in ORDER~~


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