Nagi no Asukara: Episode 20

“Sleeping Beauty” (ねむりひめ)

Nagi 20e

Dramatic episode was dramatic and poor Hikari’s words and actions get the better of him yet again, resulting in some very tense arguments between the characters, notably Miuna. Of course, there was more angsty Tsumugu, which is my favourite kind of Tsumugu because I feel like of all the characters in this show, he’s changed the least – apart from his blossoming love for Chisaki, which is just adorable and needs to happen so that at least ONE aspect of drama in this show is resolved.

Nagi 20c

What I liked about this episode is hard to put into words as it wasn’t incredibly profound or anything. It’s one of those episodes that feels a bit like a filler and doesn’t really go anywhere except right at the end. Shall I spoil it for you? I think I shall. Much to my chagrin, Manaka woke up right at the end of the episode after Miuna had a very lovely bonding moment with Tsumugu about their feelings regarding their Shioshishio friends having all returned from their slumber. I find it ironic that just when Miuna is having second thoughts about whether or not she really wants Manaka to wake up – in the most innocent way possible, I assure you – she goes and does just that. Are we not burdened with enough theatrics in this show that Manaka needs to wake up and add to it?

Nagi 20aBut, alas, if she didn’t then I suppose we wouldn’t have a resolution to this show nor the answers to the questions I’m seeking. I suppose the rest of the series – only six more episodes to go! – is going to come to a head and hopefully we’ll finally come full circle and find the conclusions to our various subplots.

One other thing that was quite sweet in this episode, however, was the very short but sweet interaction between Kaname and a very shy but straightforward Sayu. I’m really starting to like Sayu more and more as the weeks progress and she’s just grown so beautifully into a really relatable character and that positively endears her to me. I also really like how realistic – sometimes bordering on cynical – she is about her standing in Kaname’s life and that there are brief moments of sadness and stinging but nothing overtly exasperating to the point of irritation. She’s a really lovely character and a real gem amongst a host of wonderful characters.

As usual, though, I keep falling more and more in love with the scenery and the music and I can’t wait for the soundtrack and the second OP and ED to be released because they really are incredibly beautiful. Everything about it is just so poignant and fitting with the whole marine theme.Nagi 20d

For now, though, I am both anticipating and dreading the final episodes because I have this awful gut feeling that something very painful and heartbreaking is about to happen. I hope I’m wrong but this show doesn’t exactly hold the track record as being the happiest show of Winter 2013/2014.


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