Tokyo Ravens: Episode 15

Darkness Emerge: 邂逅 – Chance Meeting

Tokyo ravens eo 15 - Souma

After last week’s high-paced action-packed episode, this week’s breather episode was rather dull in comparison. However, I did get to learn a little chant: om bishi bishi kara kara shiwari sowaka!

Tokyo ravens eo 15 - EDEpisode 15 of Tokyo Ravens addressed the aftermath of the raid on Onmyou Prep and I have to say, it is not a pretty sight indeed. Much damage was done not only to the building (both in and out), but also to the people – students and teachers alike. As is common of destructive attacks, chaos and disorder are what result. In spite of the scenes of mess and disarray however, the scenes that followed could not be more contrasting, especially the scene featuring the Heavenly Altar. Yes, this episode reminds viewers once again the prettiness of the series. The art was beautiful, not only during the altar scene, but also during the animation used in the ED.

One other thing to note about the use of visual effects in this episode was definitely the lighting. While the previous episode, with the magical fight and the battle against Onmyou Prep, was dark and foreboding, this episode was vastly different. Following the fierce battle, this episode evoked a sense of calm and peace through the bright colours that were used in the background during the various scenes. Even at night, the brilliance of the stars shone brightly in the dark sky, putting forth that glimmer of hope and assurance that our characters are in the clear (for the time being).

Tokyo ravens ep 15 - harutoraAnother outcome of the attack on Onmyou Prep can be seen in the form of the effects that it had on the different students who experienced it. Most notably, we see Harutora trying very hard to improve his Onmyou skills at the beginning of the episode. In a simulation battle, he attempted to re-enact what Ootomo sensei did in the previous episode. Needless to say, our resident Bakatora did not manage to cast the spell properly. His imitation earned him several snide remarks from the Etou (some Onmyou agency exorcist member) and as much as I would not like to take sides, I rather agree with the dude. Harutora, you are seriously overestimating yourself if you think you can be somewhere in the region of Ootomo sensei’s prowess. (yes yes, I am being biased yet again.)

Tokyo ravens eo 15 - visitingThe happy part of the episode for me was finding out the Ootomo sensei did in fact survive the explosion. Thank the stars! Our main characters pay him a visit (おみまい) and upon seeing Ootomo with whatshisname (Director Amami was it?), are able to figure out that Ootomo used to be a Divine General. Of course, it did not take much brainpower to work that out. The series did drop less-than-subtle hints along the way. But I guess this episode just confirms the obvious. Not that I am complaining though, a little more Ootomo is always appreciated ^^

Plot wise, we have more mention of the much sought-after, yet very obscure Raven coat. Why does this keep appearing? I mean, I get that the title of this series is Tokyo RAVENS and all, but some explanation would honestly be much appreciated. In addition, it would appear as if the Agency is trying to disband the Twin Horn Syndicate. This has left me, once again, very confused. And as such, I shall await the explanations from the episodes to come.

The overarching question this episode: who is Saotome Suzu? I’d think she is Suzu senpai (Kitta Izumi, the voice of desperate, delusional, otome-game-playing Tomoko from Summer 2013’s Watamote), judging from her very more-puzzling-than-usual behaviour during her conversation with Harutora in that car scene. Moreover, she was featured at the end of episode 14. I suspect that the series is definitely building up to something quite big here, what with it throwing us viewers all these little nuggets of mystery. Then there is also the introduction of a new and again mysterious character, Souma Takiko. Just what is the ‘chance encounter’ that supposedly took place? More and more questions continually surface, leaving this viewer beyond baffled.


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