Noragami: Episode 07

“Uncertainty & Destiny” (迷い事、定め事)

Noragami 7a

This was a difficult episode to watch. Not because it was bad or boring or anything but because it was dark, which made it that much more awesome. I must say that Bishamon annoyed me slightly less this week, and her armoury of shinki is pretty damn impressive, doubly so because they’re all kind of dressed like detectives. I just thought that was a nice little touch. It was another Yukine focused episode but more in the third person tense, with everyone talking about him and less of him actually appearing or speaking compared to previous episodes. It’s funny how as Yukine’s darkness and fear grows so does Yato become slightly more cruel and disdainful towards him and others around him.

Noragami 7bWe’ve finally met Kazuma a little more too, which was great, because he’s voiced by Fukuyama Jun and everyone likes Junjun. Other than that, though, he’s quite a mysterious character and I’m not sure how much I trust him. He doesn’t appear quite as loyal to Bishamon as her other shinki do and tells Hiyori that he owes Yato a lot. I’m definitely interested in finding out what that is exactly. Kazuma’s attitude becomes even more suspect now that we’ve learned not who but whatNora is. They’re basically shinki who have many masters and are thereby considered trash because they’ve allowed themselves to be used while administering no loyalty or fealty to any one god. It’s quite an interesting dynamic in the grand scheme of things, especially because of the extra attention she seems to give Yato week by week. It makes me wonder whether Kazuma was Yato’s shinki at one time too.

Noragami 7c

Another thing I loved about this episode was Hiyori, whom I find myself loving more and more each week. She’s just so good and sweet and funny and I adore the fondness she has for Yukine, who abuses her kindness. She also had a very wonderful scene with Yato this week, essentially telling him to stop being such a jerk to his shinki and treating them like human beings with a past and with feelings. I thought it was really lovely and left the ending like a jagged edge because you wonder what’s going to change between the three of them by the next episode. I feel like all this is building up to something very dramatic and emotional and the masochistic part of me revels in the excitement. It’ll also be very interesting to see what Bishamon has up her sleeve now that she’s gathered all her shinki and what this’ll mean for YatoYukine and Hiyori.

Looking forward to the next episode as usual! Favourite show this season!


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