Nobunaga the Fool: Episode 06

“Strength” (力)

Nobunaga 6b

This was a very emotional episode and had all the feels of the usual period drama story, just with mecha and space ships and lots and lots of tarot cards. There will be SPOILERS under the cut but I figure you’ve all already seen the episode, the next one of which is two weeks apart from this one. It was definitely a very awful and heartbreaking cliffhanger but I suppose in a show like this it’s something that needs to be done.

Nobunaga 6aSo last episode Caesar killed Nobunaga’s father, Lord Oda, and this episode is full of mourning and internal conflict regarding the next successor. None of the clansmen like Nobunaga and have no qualms expressing their hatred of him and their belief that he’s unable to lead them, especially in a time of war. It’s made even worse by the way Nobunaga nearly desecrates his father’s funeral and throws his ashes around, which, uhm, not very cool, dude, because can you imagine the cleanup? On a more serious note, though, this only serves to enrage the clan’s officials and they’re already plotting to have NobukatsuNobunaga’s younger brother, instated as head of the clan, much to Mitsuhide’s concern.

Nobunaga 6dI feel like Mitsuhide plays that character. The most loyal friend, who knows the full extent of Nobunaga’s power and only wishes for him to prove it to the rest of his followers, especially now with so much internal conflict and political tension in the air. Literally in the actual air. Space ships, remember? Anyway, yes, he’s like the dark side to Nobunaga’s character, which leads him to performing something that kind of broke my heart in a way that actually made me feel close to a show that is really difficult to me to get close to regardless of me being halfway through the series. He killed Nobukatsu, Nobunaga’s younger, baby, morally just, adorable brother. And all this happened literally the same day as their father’s funeral. How’s that for dramatic?

Not only that, but another character died. Himiko was shot while trying to protect Nobunaga from a would-be assassin, and her final words were really sad, actually: “I’ve done my duty as your wife.” I mean, really, she looks like she’s twelve or something and they kill her! Forgive me for the rant but I’m just having a really difficult time wrapping my head around the justification for killing the two youngest characters of the show.

I can’t say that I was every anticipating the weekly episodes but now that they’ve gone and done this, I feel obligated to following it through till the end just to see the SNAFU that’s going to go down because of all this meaningless killing. *huffs indignantly*


One thought on “Nobunaga the Fool: Episode 06

  1. There’s a simple justification: Nobunaga is a man’s man’s man. And if any character gets in the way of MEN being MEN, they have to go. xD That’s why Nobukatsu had to sit with the women, nat’.

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