Kuroko no Basuke 2: Episode 13


So… after an intense two-week wait, Kuroko no Basuke 2 resumes! So what happened in episode 13? Well, our dearest Kamiya Hiroshi finally made an appearance as the insane Akashi. Obviously he is a very disturbed child; I mean what’s with the scissors!! Of course not forgetting the rest of the Kiseki no Sedai.

I don’t know if it’s just me and that Seirin first year dude (the one who followed Kuroko), but man do the Kiseki no Sedai exude this intimidating aura of greatness and prowess. Seeing all five of them together, it gave me chills! CHILLS! And I really wonder, just how powerful is Akashi? I mean, if he can ‘control’ the other four members (Midorima lent him his scissors even though he shot down Murasakibara just moments before), he must be really scary. And the way he attacked Kagami with the scissors? I just really don’t get why he did that.


As mentioned above, HiroC voices the ever-elusive Akashi. Oddly enough, I actually envisioned his voice to be lower and not so happy happy. Having said that, I noticed how HiroC tends to voice characters who just so happen to be vertically challenged *cough Levi Heichou cough*. With the appearance of Akashi, we finally get to meet all the Kiseki no Sedai (in present time). And this makes for a very happy Tsurara.

Then we have the reappearance of Kagami. What was the purpose of him going to America? Was one month enough? What new moves has he developed? How much has he improved? Will he be able to beat the Kiseki no Sedai? This is something that has been on my mind for weeks. While some of the questions have been answered, I, for one, am not letting that slip.


Although the gathering of the Kiseki no Sedai was probably the highlight of the episode, I’m sure everyone (myself included) was anxiously waiting for the Touou vs Seirin match. If Touou wins, Seirin won’t continue in the Winter Cup. But if Seirin wins, then Touou can’t proceed. But if it’s a draw…? Oh it’s so exciting!! The lead up to this match has kept me in so much suspense and I am eagerly awaiting the episodes to come.

There was more Miki Shinichirou in this episode as well, and when he called the Shutoku coach Mabo, ahahahahahaha! That was the comic relief of the episode for me. Mabo Mabo Mabo. And you could see the reactions of all his students. Suzuki Tatsuhisa (voicing Kazunari Takao), being the cheeky character, said he would constantly call his coach that from now on. Very good idea indeed.

Overall, this was a wonderful episode, and two weeks, although excruciating, was definitely worth the wait! Kuroko no Basuke 2 is still as good as ever, and if you haven’t started watching, START NOW! (but if you can resist, wait a week before watching each episode!)


2 thoughts on “Kuroko no Basuke 2: Episode 13

  1. oh I love me some disturbed child voiced by HiroC… miss his Izaya (drrr) so much and then he says all of 3 lines in this episode. aargh. the producers clearly cast the right person!

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