Tokyo Ravens: Episode 14

Black Shaman ASSAULT: 術比 – Face off

tokyo ravens ep 14 - ootomo

Action, action and more action. The fight scenes in this episode of Tokyo Ravens left my heart pumping, in more ways than one *cough thanks to Yusa Kouji’s voice cough*. Picking up from where the previous episode left off, we see Onmyou Prep being infiltrated by the crawling bug things. Aside from the whole Raven coat thing (which I still have no idea when in the world that was brought up), I have to say that episode 14 was one of the more enjoyable episodes of Tokyo Ravens thus far.     

Looking at the notes that I took while watching this episode, I did actually jot down a number of things which I thought would have been useful to write about. First, something along the lines of Ashiya Doman’s comment on how ‘most barriers are only strong from the outside, however they are easily broken from within’. I thought that there was so much truth in what he said. Doing a bit of extrapolation and applying this to an individual level, I think that very often, we are defeated by what is within ourselves. Things from the outside are usually things that we cannot control. It is our own will and attitude that have the most impact on the paths that we take.

tokyo ravens ep 14 - forcefieldNext useful thing that I thought to write about was Suzuka’s comment when Tenma was feeling apologetic and putting the blame on himself for letting Onmyo Prep be infiltrated by Doman. While he was being all self-deprecating, I could not help but smile at Suzuka’s snarky comment. She pretty much told Tenma to snap out of it and not to be too self-conscious – wise words from the little lady. Some might find Suzuka annoying, arrogant or downright bratty. And I agree. She is complacent, but deservingly so. This little firecracker has saved our main characters from certain peril on more than one occasion and she has every right to feel smug about her abilities.

Moving on, we also see that Touji powered up in this episode, kicking creepy-crawly familiar ass all the way to the roof. It is nice to know that he has gotten the troll under control and can now use it as a weapon against the enemies. Yay Touji~

This signifies the end of anything useful towards the episode review. From here on, it’s full on fangirling. Proceed with caution. Heh.

tokyo ravens ep 14 - pentacleThe highlight for me in this episode, was undoubtedly hearing the beautiful Yusa Kouji as Ootomo sensei. He had so much screen time this episode, my face was perpetually :D Admittedly, I have been procrastinating on catching up with Tokyo Ravens because at some point along the previous two episodes I kind of lost interest. But not anymore.. after this episode, Tokyo Ravens is back on my ‘to-watch-to-write’ list. That’s right, Ootomo sensei to the rescue (and pardon my use of the phrase again, but), in more ways than one! He not only saved his precious students from Doman’s vicious attacks, but he also saved the series for me.

So, for the most part, the episode consisted of the magical fight between Ootomo sensei and Doman. Spells were cast, talismans were thrown, ORDERs were made, all of which added to the intensity of the fight. Now, Ootomo sensei might have been chanting spells (or gibberish, nobody would really know, would they?), but yusayusa’s voice was absolute music to my ears ^^ he might not be the best at changing his voice (i.e. making it indistinguishable), but he is very good at changing the tone of his voice. From the playfulness of his voice when his character first appeared, to the seriousness of his voice when he chanted those spells.. Goodness, hearing his voice, in whatever register, always gives me chills! And I am fervently hoping that there will be more of him in the episodes to come :D Seriously.. if they killed his character, I am going to be so devastated.

And so, it is with much self-restraint that I put a stop to the yusayusa fangirling. For now~


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