Nagi no Asukara: Episode 19

“Maigo no Maigo no…” (まいごの迷子の。。。)

Nagi 19a

The episode where nothing happened but some things happened and there is more drama. I’m actually pretty amazed at the amount of sheer drama and angst that one show can have. Not to mention the number of love oblongs that make the Bold and the Beautiful seem normal. One good thing about this episode, however, was the fact that Manaka has yet to awaken, meaning I can enjoy the rest of my characters fully.

This was very much a Chisaki focused episode, regarding her old feelings towards Hikari and what she’s supposed to do about it now that everyone’s back and time has “started” again for everyone. I can completely appreciate and enjoy Chisaki-based episodes because she is one of my favourite characters and I love how intuitive she is both about others and about herself. She’s thoroughly clear about her feelings for others in any given situation and I love that harsh honesty. Serves up for a whole load of strife and bitterness in a few others, but I suppose it does get the story going in some respect.

Another thing that I enjoyed about this episode was the number of times that Tsumugu smiled. It’s been a while, and the fact that it was all because he was entertained by Chisaki’s drunken state makes it all the more sweet to me. Their relationship is so interesting, and deservingly so considering they were the ones left behind and only really had each other to form a family around. The secret’s out now, though, and Tsumugu is officially in love with her, much to Kaname’s jealousy.

He’s another character who showed incredible promise and growth in this episode as he admitted to that split-second of hesitation in saving Tsumugu five years ago. I think we saw something really young and petulant within him this episode and I really enjoyed it!

Nagi 19b

Chisaki, however, is still very much in love with Hikari but there’s just something about that statement that has changed in my mind and it’s a change that exists because of the last five years. Whether it means she’s ready to move on and let go of him remains to be seen, but I still find it so touching and almost heart-wrenching whenever they interact now.

I know this entry has been all about romance, but I’m only reflecting on the episode itself! I suppose next episode we’ll see whether Manaka’s waking up or why she isn’t given that they’ve taken her out of hibernation now. The mystery of her ena is something I think only Uroko can answer and I’m looking forward to seeing him again, especially if Miuna’s involved.

Yet another visually stunning episode with incredibly atmospheric music but the plot looks like it’s finally moving, which is something I’m grateful for. Glad we’re not going to be stuck in these doldrums for much longer.


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