Noragami: Episode 06

“Kowai Hito” (コワイヒト)

noragami 6a

Another aptly named episode, as the image of Yukine above should convey. It was a very dark episode; one very different from the previous five, and it harks the beginning, I believe, of a struggle between Yukine and Yato and their ability to work together. And poor, dear Hiyori is stuck in the middle and unsure of where or whom she needs to be.

I enjoyed this episode but it’s one of those that leave you with more questions than when you started, as the question about Nora, the shinki that Yato supposedly killed is left unanswered and only confused me more.

We meet another god(dess) of war, Bishamon (voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro), who has plenty shinki at her disposal, which suggests she’s a much higher deity than Yato. The entire episode is a battle between the two and she’s very clearly out for vengeance. Having never read the manga I’m left wondering whom Nora belonged to because whenever Yato “hurts” on of Bishamon’s shinki she gets entirely (a little irritatingly and hypocritically so, in my opinion) angry about it. Up until this episode I just assumed Nora was Yato’s former shinki but I guess this is one of the main mysteries of this show that will slowly unravel itself eventually.

On a side note, one of Bishamon’s shinkiKazuma, is voiced by Fukuyama Jun, and it’s always a delight to have him on a show!

noragami 6b

One thing that left me feeling a little angsty about, however, is the deteriorating relationship between Yato and Yukine. We saw very little if any bitterness or strife when Mayu was still Yato’s shinki and I’m wondering if that’s because there’s a much deeper bond between him and Yukine, because of what he’s seen of his past life. It’s so intriguing but frustrating as well because I just want to know. I suppose these are the hallmarks of a good series?

really liked Hiyori in this episode, though. Despite the fact that she’s constantly getting saved by Yato (in the most hilarious of ways, though) she really took the initiative in this one to seek Kofuku – another hilariously bimbotic character – and her shinkiDaikoku (who’s voiced by Ono D, by the way) for help. Still, though, Hiyori’s showing signs of obtaining phantom traits, in the way that she can literally smell Yato because of his status as a god. There was also a little bit of a subtle but creepy moment for me when she said that gods smell good. Will she turn into an actual phantom and need dealing with? Probably not at this point, but it would still make for a pretty cool story arc. For now, I guess Yato’s issues are paramount, particularly with the blight on the back of his neck as a result of his ongoing struggle with Yukine’s will.

noragami 6c

The show keeps getting better and better and I’m really looking forward to the next episode! Hopefully it’ll leave me feeling more satisfied in terms of answers, though…


One thought on “Noragami: Episode 06

  1. I think cos Mayu was Yato’s shinki for all of half an episode (might even be a quarter) that’s why they don’t have as much going on… Loved bimbotic Toyosaki Aki (Kofuku)!

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