Shiawase ni Dekiru 3

Shiawase ni Dekiru Series (3)

Title: Shiawase ni Dekiru 3 (幸せにできる 3)
Original work: Tanizaka Izumi (Novel)
Release date: 2005年08月30日
Length: 00:50:53
Cast: Okiayu Ryoutarou x Morikawa Toshiyuki (置鮎龍太郎 x 森川智之)
Related drama(s): ① Shiawase ni Dekiru 1 (幸せにできる 1)
② Shiawase ni Dekiru 2 (幸せにできる 2)
④ Shiawase ni Dekiru 4 (幸せにできる 4)
⑤ Shiawase ni Dekiru 5 (幸せにできる 5)
Shion’s enjoyment: ❤❤❤❤
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Slice of Life
Drama translation: Full

As Christmas is just round the corner, everyone gets into the Christmas mood. However, for Honda, this means more work as the end of a year approaches. At the same time, there is a rumour going around saying that he has been pressured into an arranged marriage?


In the first scene, I thought they were behaving like newly-weds. So, did Honda hand a set of spare keys to Kuonji or did Kuonji make a new pair for himself without consent? I must say, it’s quite refreshing to have a quiet start to a Shiawase ni Dekiru drama, but I never get tired of listening to the multi-conversations going on at their workplace and hearing to Honda’s colleagues picking up phone calls and saying, “I’m sorry but Honda is on another line at the moment”.

The third drama of the series is revolved around… I’m not exactly sure what, but I guess, Honda’s rumoured arranged marriage and Christmas? Once again, nothing major really happens in this drama; we just got a glimpse into Honda’s busy life.

Somehow Honda’s colleagues imagined that he was being forced to go for a matchmaking session. Judging by how things progressed in the previous drama, it does make some sense to speculate that he was being pressured to go for a matchmaking session but I still found it a bit far-fetched. Nonetheless, I think I’m starting to like his co-workers more. After they realized that Honda overheard everything they have said, they took his lack of denial as a form of confirmation to the rumour. It’s really fun listening to them bother an exasperated Honda who has nothing except work on his mind. On a side note, I used to dislike Honda’s Kachou because he sounded like an incapable superior in the first drama but his parts in this drama made me like him more. It was really entertaining to hear him seek permission from Honda (note: Kachou-san is Honda’s superior) to leave early on Christmas Eve; Kachou-san actually insisted that Honda put on a gentler expression when assuring him that he can leave. I loved how promptly and happily he left the office after Honda forced out a super fake “please go and enjoy your time with your family”.

Anyway, everyone seems to love teasing Honda. After the bout of rumours regarding his matchmaking session, we hear Akira, Morita and Kuonji disturbing Honda about his role as a turnip in a school’s Christmas play. Seems like someone (probably Morita) investigated about Honda’s childhood and dug up some old photos of young Honda.

Moving on to Honda’s character development in this drama, Honda seems rather the pessimist; he was rather unhappy after stumbling on his co-workers gossiping about him. They weren’t saying anything bad after all, just some comments how he might just give in to pressure from the family out of kindness. By the time Kuonji got wind of this rumor, it has already been exaggerated (singlehandedly by Kachou-san) and this got him wondering what will happen if Honda’s family made him go for a matchmaking session. Honda avoided the topic of marriage with Kuonji, I wonder why. There is a possibility that he might want to get married for his mother’s sake and hence doesn’t want to hurt Kuonji’s feelings, but there’s also the possibility that he just doesn’t want to discuss this issue with Kuonji because it might lead to Kuonji forcing him to confess his feelings? Hmmm.

Also, Honda is more uptight and grumpy in this instalment, probably because of his workload and non-work-related matters that he had to deal with. He snapped a lot at his co-workers who are less serious about work than he is and he even calls Kachou-san a hindrance at work. It’s probably the stress he’s under and… lack of Kuonji? Fufufu. I’m glad that he didn’t snap at Kuonji though, seems like our seme has already made a special place in Honda’s heart for himself.

Somehow I get the feeling that Kuonji seems more subdued in this drama. He seems to have gotten more serious about Honda, as he mentioned more serious topics such as marriage, slightly different from his confident self in the first drama.  I think he’s starting to realize how popular Honda is, shaking his confidence. But I didn’t get to confirm my guess as Kuonji had even less airtime in this instalment than the previous one. Nevertheless, he appeared at the end to give us a H-appy ending to this drama.

Meanwhile Akira has decided to up his game. He called Honda to ask him out on Christmas Eve (he was declined politely of course) and sent a huge bouquet of roses to Honda for Christmas, causing an uproar in Honda’s department. This stirred up some more gossips and speculation as to what those roses are for but Honda, being Honda, dismissed it as a prank and told everyone to get back to work.

Kachou-san’s seiyuu did a fabulous job, even though I suspect his character wasn’t challenging to act, I still appreciate the work he has done. The drama wouldn’t even be half as funny without him. Meanwhile, we didn’t get much of Okiayu’s arrogant voice (because he didn’t appear much, dammit!) but we got to hear his gentle/drunk voice which is equally sexy. And I’m tired of commenting on Morimori’s voice acting every single drama. He has been doing a great job, and I’m sure he will do so for the next 2 dramas too. Oh, but specifically for this drama, I thought it’s great that he can say such mean things without sounding irritating.

Am I the only one who can’t wait to listen to the next drama in hopes of more story progression plus more Okiayu? Next please!


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