Shiawase ni Dekiru 2

Shiawase ni Dekiru Series (2)

Title: Shiawase ni Dekiru 2 (幸せにできる 2)
Original work: Tanizaka Izumi (Novel)
Release date: 2004年12月20日
Length: 00:55:56
Cast: Okiayu Ryoutarou x Morikawa Toshiyuki (置鮎龍太郎 x 森川智之)
Related drama(s): ① Shiawase ni Dekiru 1 (幸せにできる 1)
③ Shiawase ni Dekiru 3 (幸せにできる 3)
④ Shiawase ni Dekiru 4 (幸せにできる 4)
⑤ Shiawase ni Dekiru 5 (幸せにできる 5)
Shion’s enjoyment: ❤❤❤❤
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Slice of Life
Drama translation: Full

Ever since Kuonji moved in as Honda’s neighbour, he has been visiting Honda’s room on a daily basis and in order to regain some control over his life, Honda installed a new lock on his door to keep Kuonji out. At the same time, Honda’s step-brother, Kazuya, hasn’t been going home or to the university for classes.


Shiawase ni Dekiru 2 picks up from where the first drama left off, Honda is still as busy as ever, as shown in the first scene. Kuonji starts to make himself part of Honda’s life by hanging out in Honda’s apartment daily, just because he can’t move in with Honda out of the sudden. We get to meet more new characters in this instalment too – Honda’s young and beautiful step-mother, and his troubled younger step-brother, Kazuya (Sugita Tomokazu). I’m glad to see Akira playing a more major role as well, apparently he has a thing for Honda. A bit of healthy competition never hurts.

This instalment seems to have more of a plot than the first, I guess what the first drama did (other than get Honda raped) was to lay the groundworks for the actual story. At the rate they’re going, I don’t think we will be done within a mere few hours. We get a little side story involving Kazuya, while Honda tries his hardest to solve the issue, he still couldn’t manage it without Kuonji’s help. I silently cheered as Honda gave in to Kuonji for the first time, accepting his help to look for Kazuya, seems like Honda has finally accepted Kuonji. Or not, it appears that he was probably just too tired to put on his usual act of self-denial; he promptly went back to reject-the-seme mode after the mini-crisis. I just realized that there wasn’t really a climax during the drama?

On the other hand, the drama just gets funnier and funnier; Honda’s inner monologues are just hilarious and the part when Honda starts to laugh like a maniac to himself just got me smiling when I listen to it. That happened when he recalled installing a new lock to prevent Kuonji from entering the room as and when he likes.

Speaking of Kuonji, even though he appeared less in this drama, he still manages to be as haughty as ever. He assumes his place by Honda’s side, to the extent of breaking into Honda’s room when the lock was changed. I was really amused too, when Kuonji blames it on Honda for making him be a “spiderman” right after he returns from a business trip. This drama showed us Kuonji’s soft side (only towards Honda?); when he insisted on helping Honda find Kazuya both times the younger brother went missing. I found it really cute that Kuonji insisted on going down to the university with Honda to ask around for Kazuya, even though I’m sure he has more important things to do.

Honda stays stubborn, refusing to give in to Kuonji’s advances. He is usually raising his voice at Kuonji even though Kuonji always gets things his way at the end. Guess Honda is just all bark and no bite when it comes to Kuonji. When I said that Honda was a nice guy in the review for Shiawase ni Dekiru 1, it came from my gut feel. But Shiawase ni Dekiru 2 really showcased the kind and dutiful side of Honda as we witness the lengths at which he would go to just for his family.

Honda’s colleagues are still a lovable bunch; I loved their reactions when they spotted Honda with his mum, and after they found out who she was. Even though they can be irritating and noisy at times, you can feel that they really like and care for Honda.

The Seiyuus did a fabulous job, as usual. Okiayu continued being the arrogant yet kind seme who’s got me going “aww” sometimes with some surprisingly sensitive lines. His voice during H (and come think of it, almost everywhere else too) is just so sexy, how can anyone listen to him and not like him? Anyway, before I go into fangirl-ranting mode, it’s also the way he manages to say the most outrageously illogical things with the matter-of-fact tone that made this drama so funny. And I cannot not mention Morimori for his wonderful acting throughout, it’s so amazing that he can be anything and do it so aptly. He can sound so cute when Kuonji’s got him all flustered (fufufu) and still manage to sound so cool when he delivers his matured-brother lines. Am I supposed to comment on Sugita’s acting too? It feels mean to leave him out, especially after I’ve mentioned him in the first paragraph. Although I’m not exactly a fan of Sugita’s voice, I think he did the troubled teen role very well.

After listening to two out of five of Shiawase ni Dekiru series, I’m expecting mini “arcs” in each instalment with Kuonji and Honda getting closer after each arc. And I’m guessing that they will get together only in the last drama, we’ll see wont’ we.

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