Pupa: Episode 05

蝌蚪 – Tadpole

pupa ep 5 - sachiko

Presented with another flashback, this time we go further into the past to find out more about our female protagonist. Taking a turn for the unexpected, it is revealed that Yume did not exactly undergo the monstrous transformation in the first episode. She was originally (conceived & born) a monster.

pupa ep 5 - dead animalThis week’s episode is the first to feature Hasegawa Sachiko (Noto Mamiko), Utsutsu’s and Yume’s mother. Portrayed as a frail woman, the bulk of the episode consisted of Sachiko worrying about Utsutsu possibly getting hurt by monster Yume and how to get rid of such a threat.

In the 2-3 minutes that we see of Sachiko, it is clear that she is quite an unstable woman. Constantly worrying, getting increasingly panic-stricken, she was obviously not in a very happy place. Of course, one can’t blame her. She carried and gave birth to what she believed to be a monster. And to be honest, Yume was quite terrifying. Born with a full set of teeth, immediately we could tell that something was very off. Furthermore, the following scenes show her with blood splattered on her face or eating animals – grotesque and typically monstrous. As such, it is understandable that the situation she was put it would take a toll on her mental state. In fact, Sachiko was so disturbed that she even killed Yume. At least, she thought she did, until Yume started laughing as if she were merely tickled and not sliced by a penknife.

pupa ep 5 - yumeOn a side note, is it bad that I giggled when I saw that scene because I instantly recalled Zombieland’s Rule No.2 – Double Tap? Hahaha.. Sachiko, take a page out of Columbus’ rulebook. Even if you think it’s dead, always shoot/stab/whatever-method-was-employed-to-kill it a second time. Just to be sure.

Back to Pupa, as mentioned earlier, Noto Mamiko (more famously known as Enma Ai from Jioku Shoujo – gosh her voice in that one definitely gave me the creeps) voices Sachiko. As I am rather fond of her, it was a pleasant surprise to have heard her voice this episode. Another reason to stick around and continue watching this series (the other reason being Yusa Kouji). Noto Mamiko was very convincing as Sachiko. The quiver in her voice, wrought with fear and worry made me believe that Sachiko was very tortured by her predicament. So tortured to the extent that she embraced the physical pain inflicted on her, just because it gave her the affirmation that she was indeed living in reality. Look out for her psychotic laughter about 3 minutes into the episode – it was very disconcerting.

pupa ep 5 - butterfly

Having said all that, there are still so many questions left unaddressed. And now, even more have surfaced. The one I really want answered – what do the red butterflies even symbolise anymore?


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