Tokyo Ravens: Episode 13

Black Shaman ASSAULT: 法師 – Priest

tokyo ravens ep 13 - talismanPlot points were lost on me in this episode of Tokyo Ravens. While I am certain that all the various meetings and conversations featured were very important to the understanding of plot progression, I was more focused on the maybe-there-but-not-quite-there-yet relationship/confession between Harutora and Natsume. Seriously people, stop your wishy-washiness and let’s get a move on it!     

tokyo ravens ep 13 - natsume harutoraAs such, we leave the storyline hanging for a bit to concentrate on the Harutora/Natsume/Hokuto conundrum. After 13 episodes, Harutora finally suspects that Natsume might actually be Hokuto. Oh goodness bakatora.. I mean, I thought you were slow but not THAT slow. It was so blatantly obvious, that the fact that it took him this long to realise it baffles me!

Of course, as with the usual puppy love storyline, we are saddled with the awkward yes/no/maybe/what-if situation. The way that both of them were beating around the bush (really? small talk? about the weather and summer festivals? really??), trying to prolong the inevitable revelation.. it honestly got on my nerves. I was left feeling so impatient and frustrated. Goodness I wonder how Touji manages to put up with it. Although, it has been 13 whole episodes and by now you can sense his patience wearing thin.

However, I get the feeling that this ‘relationship’ between Harutora and Natsume is not meant to blossom. Mostly because the two of them are actually kind of related (aren’t they?). Hence, wouldn’t it be weird for them to get together? I don’t know how the branch families work, but I still don’t think theirs is a relationship that is not meant to be. Of course, this is entirely my opinion and other people are free to think as they wish.

tokyo ravens ep 13 - lietokyo ravens ep 13 - deceitWhat really stood out for me this episode were the scenes with the quotes. They were simply words on a black background, but made such an impact. And the one that I thought spoke the most truth:「もっとも恐ろしい「嘘」とは。。。自分を騙す「嘘」である – The most frightening ‘lie’ is… A ‘lie’ that deceives oneself 」 Indeed, that is the most dangerous lie of all. To lie to others is one thing. But to deceive yourself… the amount of psychological damage and morality issues that one must have in order to be capable of something that unhealthy. Aye..

With regard to the plot this week, I mentioned earlier that there were certain important scenes. We got to see 7 of the 12 divine generals being briefly introduced individually. Based just on their appearance alone, they seem like a very odd bunch with very different personalities. Quite interesting, I have to say. What else? Oh yes, they were having a discussion about Ashiya Doman (he’s the weird creepy old dude who cost Ootomo sensei his leg). That’s all I got from that scene. Not that I wasn’t paying attention, it’s just that I found the explanation for this episode rather difficult to follow. However, I did notice Mari., who happens to be voiced by the talented Inoue Maria (probably most famously known as Armin from Shingeki). Although it was only that one line that she had, her tone was dripping with snarkiness and venom. Yes I am quite a fan of hers and I think her voice to be just so beautiful. And so I am definitely looking forward to hearing, and ergo seeing, more of her character in the weeks to come.

Then there was mention about a certain Raven coat. Apparently the one that is being kept at the Onmyou Agency is fake, while the real one is being hidden away in Onmyou Prep. And something about Principal Kurahashi being involved in this, for some reason.. What’s this Raven coat thing? That’s my question.

tokyo ravens ep 13 - crawlThe teachers were also called away on an urgent matter. While students were debating that issue, a news telecast revealed that the Onmyou Agency was being terrorised by attacks from familiars. Ashiya Doman finally makes a full-on appearance and we are then left with one final scene of familiars crawling all over the Agency building before the episode ends in a cliff-hanger.

Seriously, what is going on?? *proceeds to episode 14*


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