Nagi no Asukara: Episode 18

“Shioshishio” (シオシシオ)

nagi uroko

The last episode ended with Kaname, Hikari and Miuna diving into the frigid sea to find the lost village of Shioshishio so I do believe this episode is aptly named.

Everything about this show, week by week, seems to take my breath away. The soundtrack is just so beautiful and emotional and the characters – Miuna in particular, this week – make my heart clench in both fear and anticipation for what’s to come. She has a role in all this and I just have this awful feeling in my gut that it’s going to be something really tragic or sad. Can’t say for sure, of course, but we shall see indeed. Another character who made an appearance, much to my delight, was Uroko-sama, the scale of the sea god and voiced by the very sexy Toriumi Kousuke. Uroko-sama is still the same drawling, elusive and sad character – despite his obscenely lovely self – and something about him just breaks my heart. Perhaps it’s the fact that he really does, truly love the sea and I imagine it really hurts when his people leave it, as Miuna’s mother and Akari did, and countless others.

The plot thickens again, this week, with the return of Manaka (much to my very vocal discontent), who was lost amongst all the other ofuneki tributes. Moreover, she was losing her ena when they found her, thereby leading them to having to rescue her from very nearly drowning. Let her die, I say. No, I won’t go that far – I suppose the next episode will tell us how the changes in all the other characters will affect their interactions with her. And she did save Akari’s life, of which I’m immensely thankful because I adore Akari, without whom we wouldn’t have the adorably naughty Akira.

Still, though, Uroko’s haunting words regarding equivalent exchange left me feeling needy for answers and worried about Miuna. Funny and definitely not a coincidence that she finds herself having formed ena around her body just when they discover Manaka losing hers. Very curious, indeed. Another thing I really liked about this episode was Uroko and Miuna’s conversation. Just look at that fond smile he has on his face when he asks her how wonderful a place Shioshishio is. I’m really hoping for more interactions between the two because there’s just something so magical about it and Miuna’s growing love for the sea village is something I’m sure Uroko can see and feel.

I’m guessing the next few episodes are going to be interesting, particularly in the romance department. It’s unclear to me, so far, as to whether Chisaki’s still hung up on Hikari and Tsumugu’s own feelings for anyone have yet to be revealed with any amount of clarity so I suppose the question is where does Manaka fit in this love-oblong? My own interests lie in Miuna’s fate in this whirlpool of a series and considering how she’s continuously creeping up the scales of my favourite characters of the show I’m looking forward to seeing where she comes in!


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