Shiawase ni Dekiru 1

Shiawase ni Dekiru Series (1)

Title: Shiawase ni Dekiru 1 (幸せにできる 1)
Original work: Tanizaka Izumi (Novel)
Release date: 2003年11月28日
Length: 01:03:37
Cast: Okiayu Ryoutarou x Morikawa Toshiyuki (置鮎龍太郎 x 森川智之)
Related drama(s): ② Shiawase ni Dekiru 2 (幸せにできる 2)
③ Shiawase ni Dekiru 3 (幸せにできる 3)
④ Shiawase ni Dekiru 4 (幸せにできる 4)
⑤ Shiawase ni Dekiru 5 (幸せにできる 5)
Shion’s enjoyment: ❤❤❤
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Slice of Life
Drama translation: Full Translation

Honda is a hardworking and capable workaholic who’s relied on by his co-workers, including Kuonji, who always seems to be tasking him with near-impossible to complete projects. However, one day when Honda accidentally angers Kuonji, he was forcibly raped by the furious Kuonji. What will happen to the two?


Kuonji (Okiayu Ryoutarou) fits exactly into the mould of a typical seme: rich, capable, arrogant yet kind. He won’t stop at anything to achieve his goals, even when someone else’s pride and feelings get trampled over. I was a little freaked out when Kuonji asked Honda if he knew the cruellest way to embarrass a man. It was probably necessary for the plot, but still, it definitely contributed to building his ruthless image. And the moment when he automatically assumes that Honda was unhappy about the rape because it didn’t feel good, just goes to show much confidence this guy has. Besides being confident, he sure is persistent too. Going to the extent of sneaking into Honda’s house at midnight just to talk? Not to mention the fact that he actually made a copy of Honda’s house keys for himself. I honestly thought he acted rather childishly when he threatened to quit after Honda refused to work with him. He even handcuffed Honda and threatened him into agreeing to continue working together.

But that doesn’t make him any less lovable. It’s either my personal bias towards Okiayu’s voice (kyaa ♥) or just the fact that I like capable people who work hard towards their goals. We get a glimpse into where Kuonji lives through Honda’s eyes when they went over for a drink. I find it quite admirable that he still works extra hard to earn his own keep even though he can easily rely on his family’s wealth.

Moving on to Honda (Morikawa Toshiyuki), Honda is an ordinary and down-to-earth salary man who is extremely hardworking and kind. I don’t really have much to say about Honda, Kuonji seems to grab my attention more even though Honda is the protagonist who voices out most of his inner thoughts. Anyway, my impression of Honda is pretty generic, he seems like a nice guy whom everyone relies on (maybe too much), and he is also a workaholic who can meet Kuonji’s absurd demands and deadlines. He does seem like a stubborn guy when it comes to love, we see him refusing to give in to Kuonji repeatedly and it’s obvious that work is his priority; he agrees to work with Kuonji immediately when his reputation with his co-workers was put on the line. Seriously, he didn’t really leave much of an impression on me. I shall try to pay more attention to him in the next drama and hopefully have more to write in the next review.

This drama houses a few cliché scenes, but most of them are acceptable. Honda gets pushed around a lot by Kuonji, typical arrangement between a confident, capable seme and a stubborn uke-in-denial. One of the first turn-offs in this drama was the scene where the seme rapes the uke in a fit of anger near the start of the story. Rape as the start of a relationship is common in BL and the rape-starter combo usually goes like:

1. Rape, realization of love, happily in love; or

2. Rape, uke gets angry, seme persists, uke in denial, seme persists, realization of love, happily in love

Option 1 is the like your basic meal set while option 2 is the deluxe upsized set. Seems like it’s option 2 in Shiawase ni Dekiru. Having rape to kick start a relationship is not a deal breaker for me, it’s too common in BL for me to label it that way. However, I do appreciate how genuine that scene was, Honda was certainly not having fun there.

Speaking of clichés, I was also quite amused when Kuonji moved in as Honda’s neighbour, you could totally sense it coming.

There were a few strange moments in the drama when I found it weird too. How Honda managed to put two and two together about Akira and Honda’s relationship eludes me. I mean, that was totally out of the blue. How would someone be able to make that link? It feels like an awkward attempt to bring Kuonji into the picture, and possibly the only reason for introducing Akira.

Even though I seem to be criticizing the drama a lot, trust me when I say I do like it and it is always great to relisten to it for the entertaining and light-hearted scenes. The comedic bits throughout the drama were very refreshing, I love the tiny details that make this drama so funny, i.e. when a co-worker greeted Honda “ahhh Honda-sama” within the first few seconds of the drama.

The background music was appropriate and supports the story instead of distracting us from it. However, there was nothing really special about the music, I feel. On a side note, Kuonji and Honda’s office sounds really lively, unlike the one I work at. The quietest moment their office ever experienced was probably the scene when Honda tells Kuonji that he’s not working with him anymore. The sound effects were not overdone but just enough to add the right effect to the scenes.

Moving onto the Seiyuus, Okiayu’s voice is perfect for the over-confident seme. His voice gave him the advantage (think Byakuya in Bleach), but otherwise I like the Kuonji he portrayed, arrogant and over-bearing most of the time, yet surprisingly gentle at times. Not many can pull off the way he says the most illogical things so matter-of-factly. Honda sounds like quite average to me; I think he is supposed to sound average. I love it when he loses his cool and stutters, usually when Kuonji shows up unannounced at his house. I think Morimori did really well during the H scenes as well; it’s rare to have such a versatile Seiyuu who can play both parts with ease.

Suzumura Kenichi does a very cute and over-eager kouhai who probably has some way to go before he becomes someone like Honda. We can expect him to play a strong supporting role in Shiawase ni Dekiru. Kosugi, during his short air time, managed to get on my nerves with his deliberate way of speaking. It feels like he’s treating me like a retard who can’t grasp what he’s saying. Does he always speak like that?


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