Pupa: Episode 04

pupa ep 4 heal

Yume is seen eating Utsutsu. Maria fools Yume into thinking that she killed Utsutsu. Maria then goes into what looks like a laboratory. Utsutsu is told that a mysterious virus, Pupa, has infected both him and Yume. The episode ends with Utsutsu affirming that he is willing to sacrifice himself for his sister. Episode 4 of Pupa is out and it passes by in a flash. No I am not kidding, it seriously whooshed by. Four minutes is too short! Too quick! Not enough time! Anyway, Maria is back (finally) and we get more revelations about the mysterious bug that is consuming Yume (or rather, making her consume).     

This episode continues from the previous episode, with Yume still eating Utsutsu. I have to say, it got me really confused. They were last seen in a toilet (was it? I can’t really tell) but in this episode, they were found in the park where Yume first started eating people. My question – how did they teleport? The storyline is too fragmented so far, leaving me awfully puzzled. The dots are not really connecting. Hence, the fragmented sentences that I am currently putting forth.

Other than that, Maria makes her grand entrance. Again. She is definitely the antagonist of the series. First, she monitors the siblings. Next, she follows them around. Then she lies to Yume, telling her that Yume ate her brother to death. And finally, we see that she practically kidnapped Utsutsu and locked him up. What does she have in store for our main characters? Odd as this show is, I would very much like to find out.

In addition, Maria lets slip that both Utsutsu and Yume have been infected with a mysterious virus. When infected, hosts of the virus are granted miraculous powers of recovery, but at a price. In exchange for those powers, the hosts are tortured by an unbearable hunger. My only gripe is, we have seen Yume being tortured by the hunger but what about Utsutsu? When did he supposedly get infected? Although, I guess seeing all those seemingly dead people lying around covered in blood does kind of make sense now. He probably ate them.

BUT.. okay I know I said ‘my only gripe’ but yes, I have more issues to pick on. So Yume and Utsutsu have been infected by a mysterious virus – where in the world did that come from? Didn’t Yume transform because of the red butterflies? What happened to the symbolism of the red butterflies? Ayeeesh.. I think maybe I should just read the manga.

pupa ep 4 yume

 My takeaway from this week’s episode? The beauty of sibling love. So far we have seen Utsutsu’s love for Yume shine through. He really wants to protect his sister. And it is very endearing, albeit a tad disturbing, to see him put himself through all that suffering just so that Yume’s craving for human flesh is satiated and she does not harm others. However, this episode we see Yume and the love that she has for her brother. Although it is not as self-sacrificing and noble as Utsutsu’s, one can definitely tell by watching her reactions that her love for her brother runs deep. Her panic-stricken face when she was told that she killed him says it all.

Like I have mentioned in practically every single Pupa post so far, this story had so much potential. The exceedingly short four-minute screen time is killing the plot progression. It is such a pity. And yet despite all my complaining, here I am, four episodes on, still waiting for the next episode to be shown. So I guess it’s not all THAT bad..??


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