Seven Days Series 02: Seven Days Friday→Sunday

Title: Seven Days セブンデイズFriday→Sunday
Original work by: Takarai Rihito (Manga)
Release date: 2009年10月25日
Length: 00:50:57
Cast: Nakamura Yuuichi x Fukuyama Jun (中村悠一 × 福山潤)
Related Drama(s): ① Seven Days セブンデイズ Monday→Thursday
Shion’s enjoyment: ❤❤❤
Genres: DramaSchool Life, Slice of Life
Drama Translation: None (scanlated managa available)
Synopsis: A continuation of “Seven Days セブンデイズ Monday→Thursday”. Just as Shino and Seiryou start to realize their feelings for each other, the reality of time sinks in. As Sunday approaches, Shino struggles to deal with the thought that his week with Seiryou is ending soon, along with his growing jealousy of female Shino. Will their relationship continue past the “one week limit”?


In the second and final drama of Seven Days series, Shino starts to become painfully aware of female Shino’s existence and deals with his jealousy clumsily. Oh how unfortunate to have the same name as your boyfriend’s ex.

Shino offers Seiryou a pair of tickets to a movie premiere and nonchalantly suggests that he brings his next girlfriend or female Shino on a date. Seiryou was shocked and asks Shino “why did you say that”, which was exactly what I had in mind. It seems like Shino is denser than we thought he was, poor Seiryou. We get more of in-love-but-restrained Seiryou and dense, insensitive Shino before Seiryou finally gets tired of Shino’s oblivious reactions and confesses his feelings. I preferred the first drama of this series to this one, probably because the second drama feels more draggy (how long can seven drama-days get?!) and we see the uglier side of the characters here.

Shino, being Shino, took the confessions as a compliment and affirmation of his character. Given his past experience with girlfriends, you can’t really blame him for misinterpreting it. Seiryou managed to laugh it off and concludes that Shino can be surprisingly dense.

Shino then gets confessed to by a girl and he rejects her, saying that he’s currently going out with someone who accepts him for who he is. Argh, just get it already, you like him! See why I get a bit exasperated at this drama? After visiting Seiryou’s huge house and meeting female Shino for the first time, Shino gets irrationally angry again and he couldn’t figure out the reason behind his feelings. It’s jealousy, duh. I think Seiryou knows that Shino is being jealous and was trying to get Shino to figure out his own feelings, hence the almost rhetorical question “why are you angry”.

Since Shino refuses to go to Seiryou’s house anymore, they decide to rent a movie to watch at Shino’s house. This led to the climax of the series, where Shino finally realizes his feelings for Seiryou. As Seiryou had predicted on Monday, Shino was stuck in the mindset that this is a game which will end on Sunday. Shino forcefully ends their one-week relationship, much to Seiryou’s reluctance and, to my surprise, confesses his feelings to Seiryou immediately. This is probably his way of ending the one-week game and starting a new permanent relationship with Seiryou. Even though I was a bit confused at first, I’m glad it ended that they got together in the end on Shino’s (the dense idiot) initiative.


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