Seven Days Series 01: Seven Days Monday→Thursday

Title: Seven Days セブンデイズ Monday→Thursday
Original work by: Takarai Rihito (Manga)
Release date: 2008年03月25日
Length: 00:54:32
Cast: Nakamura Yuuichi x Fukuyama Jun (中村悠一 × 福山潤)
Related drama(s): ② Seven Days セブンデイズ Friday→Sunday
Shion’s enjoyment: ❤❤❤❤
Genres: DramaSchool Life, Slice of Life
Drama translation: None (scanlated managa available)

Popular first year Seiryou Touji would agree to go out with the first person who confesses to him on a Monday and promptly break up within a week. Third year Shino ran into him coincidentally at the school’s front gate and, out of curiosity, asks Seiryou, “would you go out with me?”


While some might find this drama series rather boring, possibly due to the lack of H scenes (you pervy fujoshis out there), this is actually one of my favourite drama series so far. I love the general mood in the drama (try to listen out for the piano theme), the relationship between the characters and the characters themselves.

Shino (Fukuyam Jun) gets introduced first and we learn that he is a good-looking high school student whose relationships always fail. It seems that his personality fails to match the princely aura he exudes and he is always far from his girlfriends’ ideals. It’s not so much as his personality being problematic, in fact, I find him pretty likeable. Shino is a carefree, rather insensitive guy who doesn’t think before he speaks. Even though I do feel sorry for Seiryou sometimes when he gets hurt by Shino’s bluntness, I just can’t dislike Shino. He’s a bright and honest kid with junjun’s voice!

Seiryou (Nakamura Yuuichi) seemed like a handsome flirt at first, as we learn that he will go out with any girl who asks him out on a Monday. And, that relationship will definitely end with him saying “let’s break up, I’m sorry I couldn’t fall in love with you”. This phrase rings a bell, as we had just heard Shino mention something similar, about how you never know when you will fall in love. We soon find out that he is quite the perfect gentleman who is caring and always aware of his partner’s needs. Nobody ever badmouths him despite his weekly girlfriend lifestyle. This is so not going to happen in real life, but I’ll overlook this.

Through a coincidental meeting, Shino meets Seiryou at the school gate. Shino was waiting for the pizza boy while Seiryou just got to school, seriously, are these kids even studying? Anyway, Shino impulsively asks Seiryou to go out with him and promptly forgets about it after he got his pizza. When he finally figured out that they were “going out”, Shino treats it as a game which will end on Sunday. This upsets Seiryou but he couldn’t find the chance to express himself to Shino during their date.

A phone call from Seiryou’s ex (the female Shino) got Shino jealous and he ran off in a fit. But Shino, being Shino, couldn’t figure out the reason behind his sudden anger and soon forgot about it. The first drama of this series concludes on a happy note, with Seiryou saying that he has finally found his love.

As usual, Fukuyama Jun did a great job portraying Shino’s innocent and honest character, it seems to be one of the types of characters that he is usually heard acting. I also enjoyed hearing Nakamura’s gentle and sexy voice here. This is rare, but the female Shino’s seiyuu caught my attention as well, I think she did an amazing job during the few times she spoke; when she cried over the phone and when she called out Seiryou’s brother’s name at the end.


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