Noragami: Episode 05

“Kyōkaisen” (境界線)

Noragami 5a

Noragami just keeps on getting better and better. And this was one of the most adorable episodes I’ve seen of any show since Karneval, mostly because of the itty bitty little scary phantom with the squeaky voice at the beginning and Yukine’s highschool boyishness in the face of it. What girl doesn’t love angry little cuties? *cue girly squealing here* But really, there was so much sweet, fluffy adorableness my teeth were rotting. It should’ve been illegal. I also can’t get enough of the opening, Goya no Machiawase by Hello Sleepwalkers because it is so catchy and cool and as appropriately urban as Durarara’s OPs and ED’s were. It’s amazing and I encourage everyone to listen to it and actually watch the opening sequence for all its stark colours and epileptic wickedness. 

We ended the last episode having met Nora, whom Yato introduces rather darkly that she was his former shinki (regalia) leaving Hiyori and Yukine, whom at the very least deserves to know what happened to Yato’s former shinki, curious and perhaps a little afraid.  Noragami 5c

Nevertheless, this is a very Yukine-focused episode, which I enjoyed immensely. One of the things about this episode was the fact that Yato and Hiyori were basically like a divorced couple, fighting over whom Yukine gets to live with; his broke boss or a very pretty, subtly manipulative girl. The answer’s fairly obvious. I love the building relationship between these three characters, and we really get a deeper understanding of what they’re really like in this episode. Yukine’s got a bitter past and a fear of the dark, but he’s also begrudgingly kind with an adorable crush on Hiyori, doubled with the usual depraved teenage thoughts. It’s clear to see that Hiyori’s got a real soft spot for Yukine and for caring for people. I really like that innocence about her; that despite knowing that Yato’s killed one of his own shinki she still sticks by him and wants to do what’s right to the best of her abilities – going so far as to constantly forget where she’s leaving her body. As nuanced as it is, Yato’s got a real sense of responsibility for both Hiyori and Yukine, despite his outwardly clownish demeanour and he continues to save his shinki and his ward whenever they’re in trouble.

We learnt in the last episode that Yato is a god of war and that he does what he must so as not to be forgotten, including killing ruthlessly and mercilessly. Still, though, Hiyori is the only one who knows and hasn’t mentioned it and is yet to judge him for it. I think that speaks for a bond in itself and I’m really looking forward to the upcoming episodes because this is a fantastic trio and they’re growing closeness is as endearing as it is exciting. But there’s a part of me that’s dreading what’s to come because for some reason I just feel like everything’s going to go wrong soon. And the new character they’ve introduced – looks like a badass porn star and rides a magical lion – looks pretty darn cool and I’m intrigued to discover which side she’s on. Noragami 5d


One thought on “Noragami: Episode 05

  1. hahahahaha badass porn star! and said lion is voiced by nyanko-sensei! lol the seiyuu’s affinity to voicing felines…
    I LOVE the OP and ED and actually bother watching them every week!
    Yato hasn’t killed his own shinki, he’s killed the badass porn star’s apparently and technically, Nora’s still his shinki :(
    The manga’s moved onto more juicy bits on his past so read that if you’re interested yeah?

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