Pupa: Episode 03

pupa ep 3 cat

Pupa pupa pupa.. just what are you getting at? See the picture of the cat? Yes.. that was my reaction when watching this week’s episode. The series has headed in such a bizarre direction, so much so that I don’t know whether or not to just drop this anime altogether.     

A few issues that I had – first, what happened to mysterious Maria? Other than a close up of her looking ever so slightly like Sadako, we got practically nothing else on her involvement in the storyline. It was frustrating to say the least. And speaking of characters and storylines, I honestly have no idea what Yusa Kouji’s character is contributing. Other than the one liners that he gives in each episode (for which I am very thankful..), I don’t really see any point in having his character present in the series.

Next, what happened to monster Yume? Has she transformed back into human form? When did that happen? How did that happen? Don’t get me wrong.. I like mystery, but overt vagueness and lack of explanation tend to lead to one very disgruntled viewer. If the scriptwriters are stalling, then it’d better build up to something interesting. However, if this current inadequacy keeps up, it seems highly unlikely that us viewers will be rewarded with anything good in the coming episodes.

pupa ep 3 siblingsIn addition, we see a very disturbing Yume eating Utsutsu scene. To say that that scene made me very uncomfortable would be a monumental understatement.. *shudder* However, I have to give praise when it’s deserving of such and I think that Shimazaki Nobunaga did an exceptional job during said scene. His pained gasps were so convincing, they made me feel so grossed out *shudder again*

Keeping in mind the brilliant shorts that graced our television/computer screens last year, the ones this season are just not up to standard. I know it is not good to compare, but I simply can’t help it. Again, I was hoping this series would be one of the better ones. Unfortunately, it has so far been dismal at best.


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