Hamatora: Episodes 2 & 3

Hamatora ep 2 - Moral brainsAfter three episodes, the plot thickens! Initially suspecting that there just had to be something sinister afoot, something more than the seemingly generic case-by-case fashion presented in the first episode, the past two episodes confirmed my suspicions. The series has taken a slight turn for the darker, introducing our antagonist and his rather twisted view on the world (although I have to admit, his view kind of makes sense). And my oh my, our villain is indeed evil. For crying out loud, he steals the brains of living people!     

Hamatora ep 2 clearHamatora ep 2 failed

Anyway, lets leave the bad for a bit and focus on the good. Episodes 2 and 3 reveal more about our main duo. Members of Hamatora graduated from Facultas Academy (aka minimum school). Apparently, the academy is a training ground for minimum holders and if a student can graduate well, he’s set for life. As it turns out, Murasaki is an honour student, who had the 2nd highest test scores ever. And the mysterious top scorer.. just so happens to be our resident Mr. Nice guy. I suppose from the first episode, we probably could have guessed just how amazing his powers are. But um.. it’s been three episodes and I honestly have no idea just what kind of powers Nice possesses. Something super sonic, let’s leave it at that.

Following the first episode, we are given further insight to the origins of the minimum. As we saw in episode 1, members of Hamatora were up against a group of ‘bad guys’, who also happen to be minimum holders. However, these two episodes revealed that some minimum holders are not innate, i.e. their powers are man-made. Apparently, someone has been stealing the brains of innate minimum holders so as to harness powers to give to regular human beings. Goodness, talk about Robin Hood gone severely off-tangent…

Hamatora ep 3 - fortune tellingWith the introduction of our antagonist, the overarching storyline finally comes into play and I think it’s quite a promising one. This series has so far brought in several elements and overall, the viewing experience has been most pleasant. However, it’s not just chill, laid-back entertainment that I get out of watching Hamatora. Trust me, funny moments, however fleeting they may be (oh Birthday and Ratio.. you two were so busted haha), are definitely welcome. However, if a series can encompass that comedy, as well as maintain a storyline that broaches certain topics; that makes you think.. Well, then that is a whole other kind of entertainment, which makes watching such a series all the more satisfying. And I am very delighted to announce that with Hamatora, we have it all packaged very nicely (at least, based on the three episodes that have been aired so far).

Hamatora eo 3 - Art strangles Moral

With episode 3, we see the series toying with certain sociological issues. Our protagonist, Professor Moral (Ono Yuuki, whom I endearingly refer to as the sweet Alciel from Hataraku Maou-sama!), gave us a little lecture about the presence of inequality and how many are reduced to suffering because people make the world out to be so unfair. His statement definitely rings true, as we do face such issues in the real world. Indeed, inequality is a ubiquitous phenomenon. It is an issue that needs serious solving, but one that just cannot be resolved so simply. “ 僕もミニマームが欲しい ~ I want a minimum too”. Such a simple statement, but this is obviously the crux of the inequality issue in this show – it lies in the ‘powers’ inherent in some but not in others. It might seem like a typical setting, but I for one find it intriguing and am most definitely looking forward to how the story unfolds.

That said, it’s not only the storyline that’s got me hooked on this series; it’s also the seiyuus that make me tune in for more. Oosaka Ryouta is once again, as always, a delight to listen to. And as our protagonist, he really holds his own against the other seasoned veterans featured in this show. Ono Yuuki (and anyone notice that we have the main Hataraku pairing here? ^^ ) has done a fabulous job as Moral so far and I am really liking the way he uses his voice in this one. It is not all rough and brash like what he did voicing Kagami (Kuroko no Basuke). We also have the captivating Kamiya Hiroshi (Art), who always always never fails to make me go giddy with glee, regardless of which tone he uses. Then we have the talented junjun – watch out for his hilarious laughter in episode 2.. hearing him laugh made me laugh too :D

So far, so much better than good with this series. And I am eagerly anticipating the revelations in the coming episodes.


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