It’s seiyuu galore with Noragami, and boy did they choose an entertaining show!


I wholly acknowledge that there have only been three episodes out so far and so my final verdict will have to wait a couple more months. So far, however, I’m really enjoying the ride. The first episode jumped straight right into the plot, which is a lowly, minor god, Yato, who is just trying to get by with a jar of 5-yen coins that he receives from those who call on him. As he’s a god, he’s entirely dismissible to the human eye – or so he thinks when a well-meaning girl, Hiyori, tries to shove him out of the way of an oncoming bus and gets injured in the process and simultaneously bestows upon her a very strange but amusing sort of power.

What I’ve gathered so far is that there’s a little bit more to this show than the daily lives of a broke god and his pitiable underlings. I expect some real drama to unfold soon enough!

The rest of the plot will just have to wait, but I am thoroughly looking forward to the show’s progression. Admittedly, there have been a couple of shows, particularly last season, that started out incredibly and had the potential to really go places but fell abruptly short of my expectations (ahem*Devil Survivor 2 and Magi*ahem) so I’ll reserve judgment for after the finale. But I appreciate the number of stellar voice actors in this show are probably going to have an influence on how much I enjoy Noragami, but we all have our weaknesses.

Traipsing right on into the characters, first and foremost is Yato, voiced by the ubiquitous and infamous HiroC. He is one of those eccentric, ridiculous but lovable characters who really just tries so hard that one can’t help but cheer him on and cross fingers and toes that he reaches his goal of building his own shrine. Yato is flamboyant with a fair amount of exuberant hand flailing and a cheeky personality to boot. Most definitely not just a pretty voice, with a begrudging but deep-rooted sense of altruism and kind-heartedness.

Hiyori, voiced by Uchida Maaya, is the wrestling-show-loving girl who needlessly saves Yato’s life and gets shoved into his world of gods and spirits and the more malevolent phantoms. As it sometimes is with many anime shows with female leads, I had to save my judgment for at least the third episode, but I must say that I’m thoroughly loving her feisty but sweet character. Admittedly, her excitement over wrestling shows and her ability to act out the wildly-named moves kind of endeared me to her, as well as the fact that she’s the long-suffering character who just gets pulled along for the ride and tries to make the best of it while having fun at the same time.

Yukine, voiced by the adorable Kaji Yuki, is, right of the bat, the moody teenage stray, picked up by Yato, with a dark past and who conveniently turns into a sword. Pretty neat trick, really. But something just tells me that he’s a real softie underneath all his teenage angst, and just looking for a place to belong.

It’s a lovely little trio they’ve got going on and I’m extremely excited for the weeks to come. The fact that the following episodes will introduce some new characters, voiced by pretty big names is the icing on the cake for this promisingly bright, colourful and intriguing show!

Two thumbs up from me!


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