Hamatora: Episode 01

Hamatora OP ep 1

Colourful and high tech. Those are the very first things that struck me as I saw the opening sequence of Hamatora. Based solely on the title page, I thought that it looked like a combination of Blood LadDurararara!! and Gatchaman Crowds.     

After the OP, the voices started filtering in. Ohohoho.. it was Swoon one! Swoon two! Swoon three! And you’re (or rather, I’m) out! Out of breath that is. So so so many beautiful voices ^^ with the likes of Kamiya Hiroshi, Fukuyama Jun, Nakamura Yuuichi, Hatano Wataru and so many other lovely seiyuus, I am already in love with this show.

So what is this series about? Hamatora the Animation is about ‘Minimum Holders’, a very small number of humans who possess special powers. The story revolves around a group of Minimum Holders, Hamatora, who use their ‘Minimum’ or powers, to make money. Already, this looks to be a very familiar setting, as I was instantly reminded of Getbackers (which by the way, I think is an amazing series and if you haven’t already seen it you should seriously give it a go).

Hamatora ep 1 - Nice MurasakiThe first episode gave us an introduction into the various characters that make up the Hamatora team. What really stood out were the names of the characters. They are quite literal and really give a fair bit of insight into their personalities. Our main character, Nice (Oosaka Ryouta), seems like your typically brash but nice guy, as his name goes. He is the kind of guy who would rather accept a low-paying job, which would result in him having to go hungry, if it meant that he would be able to help more people. Contrast this with his partner-in-crime, Murasaki (Hatano Wataru), who chose otherwise. (And yes you guessed it, he has purple hair and hence the name.) At first glance, they seem like opposites, but I suspect that there might be a deeper level of understanding between these two and I am looking forward to seeing them work together in the episodes to come.

Hamatora ep 1 - Birthday RatioThen we have another crime-fighting duo – Birthday (the ever so versatile Fukuyama Jun) and Ratio (Nakamura Yuuichi, more famously known as Grey-sama from Fairy Tail). Birthday’s insane energy distinctly reminds me of junjun’s character in Kuroshitsuji, Grell. With his hilariously crazy antics and odd factual tidbits (Egg of Columbus, lol), I am expecting lots of comic relief from this character. On the other hand, Ratio comes across as somewhat more cool and calculated. While he didn’t exactly stand out much to me, I did enjoy the dynamics between him and Birthday and again, I am definitely looking to see more from this pair as well.

Rounding up the rest of the Hamatora team, we have Hajime (Katou Emiri), who is quiet and is usually seen eating. And finally, Koneko (Yasuno Kiyono), who looks to be Hamatora’s resident go-to girl for information on jobs/requests. Hamatora has their ‘headquarters’ in Nowhere Café, which is owned by Master (Ono Atsushi). Again, this seems all too familiar, very much in parallel with Getbackers – the Getbackers hung out at a bar too. Despite being a relatively big group with contrasting personalities, the team play and camaraderie between the characters is very endearing. Cheesy as it may be, the way they work together to get the job done is a definite plus point for me – I am a sucker for whacky teamwork cooperation :D
Hamatora ED sequenceAll in all, I dare say it was a very promising first episode and I fully enjoyed the 24 minutes that I spent watching it.


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