Pupa: Episode 02

pupa ep 2 stingSting is the title of this week’s episode of Pupa and very aptly so. This episode had the very obvious bite (and munch and crunch) that last week’s episode didn’t. We see the result of Yume’s (younger sister) transformation into the human-eating creature, and witness her more-than-enthusiastic craving for human flesh.

pupa ep 2 maria

Yume’s grotesque transformation might have been the focus this week, but I say props to Maria for being the most fascinating character so far. Portrayed as the mysterious lady from last week’s episode, this week’s episode builds even more mystery around her. Which leaves me wondering just exactly what role she is supposed to be playing and whether she contributed to Yume’s transformation. Of course, I would like to commend her seiyuu, Narumi Kyoko. She had a light ring to her voice that provided just the right amount of slight provocation and foreboding. That, as well as the fact that her voice just sounded so familiar – a nice kind of familiar.

pupa ep 2 bearsOther than ‘progress’ with the storyline, we are also given a little insight into the life of the siblings some time before. It is evident, watching the bear scenes and hearing Utsutsu’s (older brother, played by Shimazaki Nobunaga, better and more affectionately known as Swishy from Free!) narration, that they suffered a fairly traumatising childhood. Violently abusive father, submissive mother, parents divorce, then loose mother – not exactly the the most ideal environment for a child. I guess this therefore explains the close relationship that the siblings have, because all they have ever had was each other. The strength of their relationship shines through, when Utsutsu tells Yume that he does not care what she looks like, because she will always be his precious sister. It was a very aww moment. However, that clearly did not last long, as Yume was simply unable to resist the urge to take a chunk out of her brother’s shoulder.. Ouch!pupa ep 2 munch

Once again, the sound effects really make the series. That shudder-inducing fluttering sound when the title comes onto the screen, as well as the sound from the chomping scenes can really make one’s skin crawl. The sounds definitely capture my attention and I think that they are very crucial to the series. They intensify the creep factor of this show, without which would cause Pupa to flop even more than I already think it has. That aside, the series seems to have lost its supposed horror effect.
pupa ep 2 background

I was far more intrigued with the prettiness of the background scenes. The red butterfly is the episode’s highlight for me. Fluttering by, all pretty and carefree, I wonder what other symbol it represents.. Ohwells, guess I will have to stay tuned to find out.


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